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Dreams Come True Surge Of Energy That Give Me Predictions


If anyone knows any information about what I'm going to say please comment.

Ever since I was 12 my dreams have been coming true, only about death and pain those are the only dreams I remember.

When I was 12 I had a dream of a woman being beaten in a bath tub and forced with a needle was pretty horrific, that next morning my family got a call that my sister had passed away from a forced overdose of heroine and was beat pretty badly.

One of my other dreams consisted of the miners that past away had a dream of men in hard hats in a cave like area screaming walls crumbling around them about a week later I saw the news and I knew something was going on.

Ever since my sister past away strange things have been happening. Getting strange energy surges that start from my spine and go to my head then I get predictions that come true as if someone is whispering it into my ear, its to the point now that I can control this surge of energy like a buzzing feeling and warm to any point on my body I want hands feet knee ect.

Two weeks ago another dream came to me of my sister in law, 24 year old woman single mother very healthy. The whole family was at her funeral, I thought nothing of it up to the point she passed away and the funeral home was identical to what was in my dream I have been ignoring this for my whole life, but I need answers am I going crazy or making this happen?

Started going through my pictures and only in pictures I have taken or taken of me (even professional pictures from my wedding) I see blue orbs which I can post or email to anyone willing to look at them.

What I want to know from this is what does it mean The surges of energy out of no where that give me predictions as if someone whispered what's going to happen in to my ear giving me clear pictures of events happening or to come.

My dreams come true, and how I can on the spot make this energy focus on my palm (or any part of my body I focus it on) and feel as if it were a ball like a mass its warm and feels like the spine surge but has no visible characteristics.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-12)
bbbrutal surges of energy with predictions.
You have a spirit helper, the sensations along the spine are indicators that you are opening up when this occures and that your own energy is expanding.

Blue orbs have to do with earth energy.

There was a study on TV last month here and it spoke of Red and Blue orbs that were seen in a Forest area.

When I had asked my guides about the blue lines that converge in nature I was told they have to do with elements in nature.

Best wishes
taffyinky (4 stories) (108 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-11)
The ball that you create is a psi-on, psi ball, etc. Many psychics have been able to create them. They are just a mass of energy that you have extended out of your body. I don't think that you can see them though I have read on other websites that some people have become powerful enough to make them visible.

Just remember to release the energy after you are done messing with the ball. I read that you should on another comment and that most people have a tendency to forget to release the energy.

Can you remember any other dreams besides ones that deal with pain? There are ways to remember dreams like writing them down once you have them (that helped me out) or repeating to yourself that you will remember you dreams before you fall asleep.

I also have the power surges but I don't think that they are connected to any of my gifts. I happen to have them at random times but I have learned control over them.

You can try controling what you see by envisioning the immediate future first then leading on from there. You may be wrong some of the time because of the fact that the future is always changing.

Do not lose faith in your gifts and remember that there is always someone out there with a similar gift to yours.

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