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Getting To See Spirits Again


First of all, this is the first text I write for Psychic Experiences. I am a 18-year-old girl from Portugal and from very young age I've had several contacts with spirits.

It is a 'gift' that runs in my family, all of them see spirits and my older sister is the most developed one; she is able to talk to them and understand what they want to say.

I used to be like that as a child, but I was not aware of what they were; I thought they were 'imaginary friends' until I found the grave of a 3 year old boy I used to play with when I went to the graveyard. From that point forward I wasn't able to see him, but I could and still can feel him sometimes and listen to his tender chuckle.

I seem to have lost my ability to see all spirits I knew from the moment I realized what they were. But not getting the chance to see them again is making me miserable, because I can still feel them and sometimes I know they want to talk to me. I try to communicate with them and feel their desperation in not being able to.

I guess all of it got worse when my Father died last December. I accepted it very well because since I could sense spirits, I would still have him by our side. I can't seem to see him or listen to him, even though I know he's there due to the signs he sends us, such as turning up the TV volume, turning off lights or whistling (things he usually did while he was alive).

Here's where I need help; I know this month (October) is the best month to attempt anything in parallel dimensions or the spirit realm, but exactly WHAT should I do?

Thank you to all who has read this and even more thanks to those who can help me somehow.

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whisperer97 (3 posts)
12 years ago (2011-03-02)
Hi! I'm in Portugal too, I'm a Guardian-Angel, also medium. Avoid shadows, there are getting too much in Portugal, I've noticed, something's going on, but it's the guardian's job to discover, be careful, don't get scared.
sar (guest)
12 years ago (2010-10-19)
It sounds like something that occurs with age, that is overtime peoples tastes and other sense change. So it sounds like your ability to see ghost changed to chairaudience, clairsentience and meduimship. To change it back or regain it I would just focus on it, like when you feel a ghost focus on seeing it and that only.

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