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Trying To Make Sense Of It All


I would really appreciate some input on all of this...

Over the years, I have become quite used to the sense that my grandfathers are hanging out with me, one in particular. It's lovely, and very comforting. I was initially not sure if this was just me wishing that they were still around. I feel within myself the same way that I used to feel when I was with them in real life. Sometimes I "hear" comments that I could repeat word for word from them.

Recently for the first time that I am aware of, I am having other people coming through that are not for me, if these are in fact people coming through and that it's not just that I am bored or something! I had my grandfather team up with one of my friends mothers. I argue with this person a lot. We are very similar and feed off each other. I found all of this very confusing. Why would these two people come through together like this? How would they know each other to come through like this? I had the strong feeling that both of them wanted to see us much more than friends, and very glad that we have each other. But how can I make a man want to be with me on more than a friendship level? I can't. I have tried to tell his mother that. I am powerless over that. I have found all of this very confusing.

I have then also been confronted with past a life (I did not believe these existed until five weeks ago!), and this man existed in this significant past life, too. I found that I have other entities attached to me. I have just had one removed that has admitting causing six car accidents that I have had where I have not been at fault. It was very clear that she was extremely drunk, kept calling me Julie, extremely abusive and accusing me of stealing her boyfriend. I could not get through to this spirit that I wasn't Julie because she was too drunk. Even after I had her detached she followed me home. I have a little boy hiding behind the left hand side of my spine. Then there are a couple of ghosts in my house...

Outside of my grandfathers and one of my grandmothers, the rest of this is new and started in the last three months. I have always been able to 'read' people and see the idiosyncrasies that others miss. I had an attunement done, and it has all been on from there. It did stop for a few weeks, then has all started again recently. I am finding this all a combination of exciting, strange, unnerving, wondering if I am making this up in my mind because I would like this long term friend of mine to be more, how to stop these spirits hooking on to me, going when I tell them to, if they are in fact spirits and I am not just being fanciful... It has been an extraordinary experience.

But first, how would my grandfather come come across with my friends mother? Would this mean they knew each other? Is there a link that I should be looking for or are Steve and I the link here? Steve's mum has come through to me before about two months ago but by herself.

I am so sorry for all of these questions. I have never looked in to this extensively. There are so many exceedingly talented people in these area's. I would never profess to be one of them, and have not had the arrogance to attempt to take this further.


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