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Stuck In A Nightmare


I had an awful nightmare last night. I was walking along the copper leaf-strewn path- where the path was I didn't know- and I saw a small child on the ground, no more than five. He had a mid-sized pumpkin on his lap, and was staring at it intently until I clumsily stepped on and broke a twig. His head snapped up and he looked at me with curious brown eyes.

He was a beautiful child with pale skin, rosy cheeks, sparkling brown eyes and thick, soft black curls on his head. He grinned at me and I couldn't help but notice all of his teeth were unusually sharp as I smiled back at him. Out of nowhere, his head snapped down and he took a vicious bite of the raw pumpkin. I scolded him slightly and told him that he didn't know where that came from and shouldn't eat it.

I already felt an irrational need to protect this child.

I looked over to the side and saw that the pumpkin was turning to ash where his hands and mouth had been touching it, and turned to the child just in time for him to vomit up a fountain of black-crimson blood and evaporate into thin air. My mother just had to get a hysterectomy- is this just a result of that or something else?

This has plagued my dreams and daymares for the past weak, so I finally broke down and submitted this.

Also... I've been seeing disturbing things all day and night long. Just flashes... But they are of terrible, terrible things. Pain, death, war, cold, rage, helplessness, despair... And most of all, the sort of choking fear that paralyzes you.

I constantly run to the bathroom from my bed in the wee hours of the morning, shaking, crying, sweating and trying desperately NOT to throw up. I have been having... Awful panic attacks. Fear of death. It starts off with just an offhand thought about how long I'll live, and it doesn't stop until I'm shaking so badly I can barely move and am just on the edge of breaking into hysterical sobs.

This ISN'T what I normally feel like. I used to have panic attacks a lot, yes. About once a month, give or take. Now I have them once a NIGHT, if I'm LUCKY. I'm not considering suicide, but I am curious as to whether anyone went through this and knows what it's all about.

I draw people... People that I've never seen before, people that I didn't invent. Am I seeing the past or the future or both?

On a lighter note, I have recently found out that I can make the wind change directions or blow bu singing and saying what I want in my mind. I spent an hour and a half in my front yard singing and giggling like mad. One guy walked past when I had a pause in my song and was just staring at the tree and laughing... I got a REALLY weird look for that one.

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yellowbutterfly (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-25)
Hey, hope you're handling the dreams alittle better. I used to experience this same thing and it terrified me. I'd wake up crying and shaking and too afraid to move. I've always had very memorable, intense dreams but it got evil and terrifying about 3 months after my fiance died in a sudden crash. It lasted every night for almost 6 months, then slowly died down, but still picks up from time to time for no apparent reason. They didn't all have to do with my fiance or his death, some were as random as a man falling out of a ceiling panel and his intesines splattering across the floor... Just all kinds of crazy dreams. I decided to started drawing out what I was seeing in my dreams about a year ago, and for whatever reason, once I drew a particular dream, I didn't have it anymore. It was like I was expelling it from my body on to paper. It sounds dumb but I would tell myself that this dream could no longer control me once I released it on paper, then I'd shut the "Nightmare Book", and then the nightmares stopped altogether. So maybe try that and see if it works. Couldn't hurt anything, I don't guess. Good luck. You're not alone.
Sereysros (1 stories) (7 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-25)
It might be a bad energy trying to bring you down to feed off of you. You can try to be in lighter, more spacious and airy rooms or outside with nature. It might help. Try to take slow deep breathes when you feel a panic attack happening, and remember to tell yourself that you WILL be okay, nothing can hurt you. You're strong. Remember that alright? <3 best of luck
shin-nae-nae (9 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-24)
exactly this happened to me when I was about 8. So I didn't deal with it so well and I understand how hard this must be for you. I didn't know what to do at such a younge age and eventually my mum thought I was full on mental. But I used to dream things and see things and sense something that just seemed evil. After a few years we moved house and I was ok-ish. (im not suggesting you move house) but bit by bit my nightmares reflected stuff from the past and events that happen now. Its hard to explain but its like your life. Every bad thing in your life muddled into one and mixed in with imagination. Its creepy. And while it lasts its horrible. All I can say which helps is try the old myths about dream catchers, crosses etc. They work. I won't say the obvious: try not to think about it. Because my experience has haunted me for years. The idea is try all the tricks in the book. And watch out in future. This may all be linked to something but your actions can change the future. So don't worry too much. Hope this helps you 😊
abaird77 (15 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-23)
dude keep cool I have had it too look at a revlective thing for give your self of any bad things say possative things do this maby 5 10 minitus then stop look at a object and then look past it and ull see a white aura it is a good sign it will keep you safe but make it a ring also put salt aroned your bed that's all hope it helps 🤔 😁

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