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My Family Came To Me


On the 25th September the day before my birthday. I rang my mum to ask was she going shopping with my wife, she replied yes my friend came round and delayed us by 10 mins, so my wife went to my mums to take her shopping and my mum said I will not be long I feel dizzy. A couple of minutes later my wife rang me and said come round your mums on the floor I went round we went in and phoned an ambulance. They took her to hospital and she was unconscious. That night they told us she had, had a massive stroke, but my brother was in Spain, they transferred her near to where we live we went to see her day and night and she was unconscious, on Tuesday my brother arrived from Spain. We was all around her bed me my wife and my brother and his wife and son.

My mum opened her eyes and wanted me no one else she held my chin and I kissed her. She did the same for my brother no one else. The day after we went again nothing unconscious I went to the chapel to pray for my dad to come for her he died in 1985 aged 52. I took my cross from round my neck and put it on mum said goodbye she picked the cross up and put it in her mouth, I left the day after she died. I have now got my cross back after the funeral. That was all about 6 weeks ago

Last night Sunday 21st November my wife and pet dog was sitting in the lounge I felt up set, and had been crying, a strange feeling came over me and I felt like my mum and dad was close to me I could not see them through my eyes but new they where there I felt so much love and peacefulness my dog was looking at the ceiling I felt great,

Then I saw wet footprints on the longe floor for a few seconds

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