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I Saw A Flash Of My Future And More


My name is Andrey, I am 14...let's start with all my strange things

1) When I was 9-10 years I was with my mother on the couch and suddenly appear a hand of a ghost... Me and my mom get freeze just looking at that hand, and I asked my mom if she saw it and she said yes.

2) I have sometimes a deja-vu thing and I can sense someone is beside me but I can't see it but I feel it, I can't touch it but I feel it.

3) At 14 in spring I was awake trying to sleep didn't close my eyes just thinking and suddenly like flash I am in the future for moments like I live in that, it was so real and the detail so real and now I can remember, I had some of my clothes, in dreams you can't be like this, and in that flash I saw and one of my friend we both took by a tornado or something I don't know and I remember even the place that I die... Exactly.

4) Every day I can sense someone is right beside me or feeling that someone is coming to my room. I want you guys to say something of my experience. From little I had the deja-vu things and when I was like I had dreams with something from future like going to toy magazine and it was like the same.I'm glad if you comment, I will read it and comment too. Sorry for bad english!

And I want to see that flash again I don't know but I know it didn't was a dream. I hope you can say to me guys how!

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Darkstar (guest)
12 years ago (2010-12-06)
For the first one of the ghost hand that could just be a ghost appearing to your mother and you. For the second one déjà vu means that you have had a precog dream that came true but forget about it. The third one sounds like premonition which is like precog only that you are awake when it happens. As for the fourth one it sounds like a light chase of claircognizance, knowing something before it happens.

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