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In Need Of Advice For Spirits


I'm a medium and I need help or advice about a situation I have. I have been meditating for quite some while and I've been improving my intuition so much. I asked my spirit guide why I feel so much energy around me when I'm in bed or I'm about to fall asleep. And I quite don't understand what she's telling me and I need to ask somebody out there who knows what is going on with my intuition.

I've been getting paralyzed in my sleep but this entity and I can move and fight back at him so I don't get paralyzed and stuck, but it keeps happening. I can also see his eyes through a white energy outline form under my eyes when I'm sleeping, I guess I'm just naturally tuning into him and he's trying to communicate with me. I call Jesus and the holy spirit in my sleep and then I feel his presence and I start to feel there energy and them touch my hair or head as if they were healing me or calming me down. I'm not sure.

I'm getting fed up with this entity and I need help. He's in another dimension and all he wants is a body and he clearly is stuck and is unable to move on. Another biggie I need advice on is, what is it called when I'm feeling waves of energy through out my body, like I feel drunk or dizzy when this energy comes through me and I can see the energy waves or patterns, I'm not sure what this is? And can someone explain what this is? And what ability this is that I have and what I can use it for?

I feel so much energy as if I'm drunk when the entity is trying to paralyze me and in the room or near me.

Please help me anybody! Thank you I will be logging on to see

-Angelica Ramirez and I'm 18 years old and I live in los angeles.

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Ruth (4 stories) (156 posts)
12 years ago (2011-01-04)
Hello I am a medium & can help. Firstly are you closing down your third chakra? Are you imagining a white light around you? Those negative entities are having so much fun & you are inadvertantly allowing them. If you do those two things you will be fine. That negative entity is hanging around you giving you their experience whilst the y were in the physical. It was drunk & high on drugs. You should not allow them to take over your body this way. If you were conducting a reading it would be acceptable but then you would have to close down straight after.
Tak care practice safely.
A5 (2 stories) (144 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-14)
This has not happened to me so far, not that I'm complaining. If you can, try to communicate with him, ask him who he is and what he wants. Talk to your Spirit Guide always. She can help.
Rashidah (guest)
12 years ago (2010-12-12)
Sleep paralyses is the condition in which your physical body becomes completely paralyzed.
During this state your spiritual senses are more open to entities.

I believe we go through this as because our physical senses at times need to be paralyzed in order for our spirit to pick up things that the body normally cannot pick up in the spiritual realm.
HazelEyedEpiphany (guest)
12 years ago (2010-12-12)
angelraindbow- I think it's when your in a lucid state, you don't always have to be asleep to astral travel, but if you really wish or desire to be somewhere else visualize it in detail and let it whisk you away... It's almost like your soul ventures outside of your body to a different place. I did once when I was 12, others will see you as well. Your there, but your body's not. Just watch out because you don't always know what you might cross on the way there, its good to meditate and center yourself before trying it.
Angelrainbow (5 stories) (15 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-12)
what is astral travelling? And why do we astral travel when we sleep?
aserah (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-09)
Im not a medium but I am intuitive and have regular contact with my spirit guides. Firstly I believe that it is at night before bed when everything is quiet around us that our spirit guides are able to get through to us. During the day our lives are busy and noisy but at night we find ourselves tired and able to see or hear our guides better because our minds can tune in due to our tired altered state.

I think that the energy you feel around you before sleep is the energy given out by your own aura and etheric body which is preparing to astral travel, contact spirit or receive messages from the spirit world.

The entity you feel around you is most likely trying to feed off your energy rather than take over your body. Entities that are powerful enough to take over a human body will likely do this while the owner is astral travelling. I don't believe they can take a body while the owner is in sleep paralysis. Be very careful not to anger this entity and do not communicate with it. Simply ignore it and use your own white light energy to push it away from your personal space. Look for ways to protect your self psychically. Dion Fortunes book Psychic self defence has great protection techniques. Many mediums feel spirit through the top of their head, the crown chakra and also through the chest. Sounds like you are being protected though. Hope this helps a little. Everyone elses comments here offer fantastic advice.
Justashadow (2 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-09)
Hey kind of interesting on what that man looked like and what makes you so sure hes trying to hurt you?
Angelrainbow (5 stories) (15 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-07)
Rashidah can you explain to me about sleep paralyses I just want to know your side of what you think it means. Thank you.
Angelrainbow (5 stories) (15 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-06)
i sa the kundalini awakening thing and I actually do experience the physical effects under there. But I still quite don't understand what it is. Do you think you can explain it to me WHEN YOU HAVE TIME, if its possible for you.

Mel33 (guest)
12 years ago (2010-12-06)
Have you ever heard of a Kundalini awakening? I wish I had more time to explain what it is. Instead I'm going to have to just leave you a link. Then if you're interested you can do more research on it.

I also agree with Rashida on the sleep paralysis as well.
Rashidah (guest)
12 years ago (2010-12-06)
This is a condition called sleep paralyses. During that state your senses are usually heightened.

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