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Past Lives. The Outcomes


What happens to those that have committed suicide numerous times in their past lives? I'm talking they've done it 20 times such as me. I believe so. Because my aunt who is spiritual says it's not good that in my past lives that I killed myself that it puts "extra" heavy weights in the life I'm in right now and I do feel like my life is stressful like I just want to be gone from it already. Anyway what happens? What are the results o the outcome when one has had many previous life times they killed themselves in the life they are in now? Is it true that my life gets harder because of the mistakes I made in my past lives?

For example I'm scared of heights because I jumped off mountains bridges boats cliffs buildings possibly because I was so depressed or o had a hard time dealing with my life. I've seen it in images and that's why I'm so scared of the ocean as well because the ocean a dark place for me because I jumped and was maybe pushed off into the dark cold ocean or sea it was scary. I remember in my meditation I was a guy running and jumping on my back and I was dead, I was running really fast, breathing really hard sometimes I don't even want to think about it because it's traumatizing for me and not something I look forward in knowing. To give you a bit more Information in my recent past life, I was a guy I know this because I always felt like a man at times when I was younger and, I can relate to it as well and I was scared of throwing up and getting really sick that had to do with vomiting, I was scared also looking at Others throwing up but what my spirit guide has told me that in my recent past life I suffered from the disease aids and I died in my sleep really young. So maybe I'm not sure why I feel like my life is hard and I have a hard time dealing with my emotions and my family and in my recent past life I hated my family because discriminated me for being bi sexual.


Ps I'm a medium myself as well. But I have a hard time dealing with it I have a bit of fear of it.

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AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
11 years ago (2011-11-11)
Angelrainbow, an old soul should endure some suffering on this plane. What truly sensitive person cannot look around and not be sad to some extent at the way things are? The environment is very polluted, wars continue to rage, we're on the cusp of a nuclear one, extinction of mammals is now hitting 1 in 4, oil spills, etc., etc. Only someone utterly narcissistic would be able to look at this and not feel empathy of a deep kind. For an empath, the pain can be acute. We feel on such a deep level.

There is a likelihood that part of your role here is to help others. The teacher, leader, healer and caretaker often come from a place of suffering in their youth. This builds their character and speeds up their track to enlightenment. Why would we work on ourselves if it was just given to us? We wouldn't. In fact, I've read in near death experiences that they see souls coming to earth because the challenge simply doesn't exist in the higher planes. We come here for very fast growth (but yes, in some cases, it's a step backwards). These "lessons" are to quicken your spiritual evolution so that, in time, you can help others. It's the people that have walked the challenging path that are the best service to others. So what first appears to be 'bad happenings' often end up viewed as life's blessings. I know that's really hard to see now, but down the road, you'll look back and understand. I've written before of my own youth which would shock a lot of people; orphanage, abuse, abandonment, etc. But this was the building block so that I could later learn love and forgiveness.

You are perfect. You're perfectly working on exactly what you need to be working on right now. These things, unbeknownst to our conscious mind, perfectly unfold.

Be sure to take some nice time out for yourself, if you can, and smooth out your emotions and thoughts. A hot bath, an uplifting book, or a quiet walk. I have two dogs that always keep me laughing and loving. Empaths need to take extra care of themselves.

Angelrainbow (5 stories) (15 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-10)
Yes I understand where your coming from and I will take your insight in hand. I just feel like I have to change my issues right away and I can't it's hard and it frustrates I wish there was a button that would erase my problems or difficulties. I've been told that I am a old soul and it disappoints me because if I'm so hold shouldn't I be perfect? Shouldn't I be happy most of the time? I'm not happy right now and I'm not perfect I'm just a soul that has sensitive feelings: (
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
11 years ago (2011-11-10)
Well, I think you're living the answer to "what happens when we kill ourselves?" By being here in this lifetime. When we kill ourselves we return to another incarnation to try again. I can honestly say I've not known too many people that by the time they were past their 30's, the thought of suicide didn't cross their mind once or twice. Life is very hard, painful, full of loss and woes (as Buddha said, "Life is pain"). It's pretty rare for a person to skate through life and not have some stints of misery.

I don't think your life gets harder per se because of what you might have done in a past incarnation, only that you will be repeatedly faced with the same obstacle where you left off at. That "obstacle" can have many faces. So let's say you have a hard time with conflict resolution. That will manifest itself through arguments with your family members, co-workers or partner. If say, you have an issue with giving up too easily, that may manifest as a drop out, divorce and so on.

But don't feel alone. There is nary a human out there who doesn't have their own personal obstacle. If we didn't we'd be levitating, be able to miraculously heal others, be able to teleport, and ascend at will (how many people do we know who can do all this?) In other words, you're in good company! We can all understand your not wanting to be here. Who wouldn't want an easy ticket out of a challenging life?

I'm a lot older than you so have a different perspective so all I can say is, there is purpose to this life. It is meant to make you a higher and more evolved soul and this only happens through trial and tribulation not the easy life. And the good news is, is that even those who take their lives get a chance to do it again (unless of course you don't believe in past lives and it's a straight shot to hell) but this doesn't sound like your belief.

If you can, focus on this life and these current obstacles. Tackle one at a time until you really feel that the issue has resolved itself at a soul level. Even when you think you have, you'll be tested but as soon as you pass that test, it falls away. I know, I've been there.

I read a good line the other day where someone said, "You've got to earn your way off this planet". Don't I know it:)

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