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Overwhelming Dread


So for a little background about me... I am 20 years old and am super sensitive. I understand feelings of others and things around me far more than I think I should sometimes. A loved one of mine has recently been incarcerated (I'll explain what this means soon) and I live alone. So my story begins, it was a Monday morning I had woke up with this sickening feeling of miserable sadness. That morning I cried so hard it hurt and stayed in bed with the shades drawn. The feeling lasted all day and all night and I could barely keep it together at work, I mean any little thing made me sadder and sadder. I have never felt such an overwhelming sense of dread in a long time. So when I got home that night I immediately wrote to my loved one asking if he was alright. When I get feelings like this they are usually related to those that are close to me, thing was everyone was fine my loved one was the only that I could think to be in trouble, but I knew the feeling was not for him. That night I could not sleep and had many thoughts of sadness and death. The next morning was the same. The rest of the week my mood begin to subside my family was fine and so was my loved one, (sigh of relief). Then that following Sunday I spoke to my sister she told me she recently got word that a good friend of ours had passed away. I asked her what happened and the story goes like this... He was shot in the head that last Tuesday and had been on life support the whole week. He finally succumbed and passed away that Sunday evening. I now know my feelings are not just limited to those who are very close to me for this friend I had only known less than a year and were not extremely close. My "gift" per-say makes me feel like I am losing my mind sometimes especially in cases like this and I have no idea how to handle it when the emotions are that strong and heavy. Any similar experiences. I want to learn how to hone the energy if that makes sense or how to handle it.

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AnandaHya (guest)
13 years ago (2011-01-28)
when the emotions are too much for me I just let them pour into the earth and be burnt up in the red hot mantle.

I've posted advice on my articles about empathy, I'm not sure if they will be useful or understandable to you but feel free to email or post questions and I'll do my best to help though I'm still learning how it all works too.

Peace, anandahya
SnowAngel12 (guest)
13 years ago (2011-01-28)
hmmmm. Empathy. Pretty strong one at that.

Lets see, first off you need to start to differentiate your emotions and someone else. What I mean by that is when you start to think in the back of your head, why am I crying or why am I sad, depressed, angry jealous, happy, excited, etc? If your brain can not exactly explain the exact reason why on your first thought, then there is a possibility that it might not be your emotions at all. Now you will doubt yourself and think no I have a reason and you will try to come up with many other reason to counteract your first thought. Its human nature to think of more than one idea, for a best possible outcome, but mostly the gut instinct and the first answer tends to be the best answer. Remember your emotions are also a driving factor to think a certain way. If your depressed, the chance of you having a happy thought is lower then your depressed thoughts and your opinions and your thoughts will tend to go towards such answers. Thinking logically is what your brain does the best, and feeling emotionally is what your heart does the best. (truthfully the heart is just a heart, it doesn't really feel because its a muscle and just reacts to your emotions, its more in the head.)

First off you need to mediate, and figure out your own everyday emotions and thoughts. You will know if its your thought and emotions, because you know yourself the best. Now when an intruding emotion is felt, this is when you must brace yourself for the impact. Some people probably say the best way to do this is shielding yourself in your own personal white bubble by thinking about a huge bubble encompassing you. Or you can shield the other person who is giving off such emotions with the same white bubble. If your religious prayer for a shield also works. Another one is a charm certain stones types of stones protects the wearer, mostly physic attacks. You must remember believing is the key, the moment you doubt yourself, the less effective it will be. Or in another term tricking your mind to believing that their is a shield, like those people who take sugar pills and believing they are getting better. And they actually are, but the problem with this idea is that they did not know the doctor gave them sugar pills. It just tells you how strong your thoughts can be.

I hope this help. 😁

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