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Overwhelming Emotions


First of all I am not crazy or craving attention but I just wanted to get an outlook on some weird things that have happened to me without telling someone I know and sounding crazy. I'm a freshman and in the past year I have done things that seem inexplicable. My first weird occurrence happened this summer when my family was packing for a road trip. We packed everything and got in the car. Once in my mom told me that we had forgotten one of the bags in the basement of the house and asked me to go. I felt reluctant to go since I have been afraid of the basement ever since we bought the house but my mom told me I was too old to be afraid (I am too old to be afraid). When I was going down the steps I felt angry and afraid with every step only magnifying those feelings. I got down to the last step and fell, I was so afraid that someone had pushed me that I searched for the on switch so I could scream at them (I thought it was my cousins playing a prank on me). I turned the light on and the bulb exploded. I ran out of the house to tell my mom what had happened, I told her it was some kind of ghost or something, so she dragged me back in the house. We noticed that the whole house was powerless so my dad checked the fuse box and most of the fuses were fried. We all thought it was some kind of short circuit or something like that. I had forgotten when a few weeks later after we had come back I was fighting with my mom over my finals of the previous year which had been mailed that day. I was so furious since she wasn't letting me go with my friends to New York with one of their big brothers. I ran to my room and jumped to my bed and I know this is going to seem weird but stared at my closet. I had been staring for like 10 seconds when all the racks in my closet fell to the floor but with force that seemed as if they were thrown. I was startled and my mom came to see what the noise was and though that I had broken the racks from the wall when I was mad. I researched if anyone knew stuff like this happening and came up with like poltergeist, although it didn't feel like spirits. I now have like dozen accidents like these two, but more destructive. I don't want to hurt anyone and I want to know if I'm doing this mentally since it happens every time I am overwhelmed with strong emotions.

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Becky666 (124 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-08)
perhaps it is a case of telekinesis if this is the case I would practice on the test and regularly meditate good luck

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