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Overwhelming Emotions And Lurking Shadows?



This is a long story. But, 2 years ago my aunt had a baby. I was happy for her! Shes wonderful, nice and just great. She really wanted a child so I knew it meant a lot to her.

The closer the delivery date got, the worse the feeling got. The next thing I new, everyone was happy with the news of a baby girl, but 20 minutes later we were told the girl was dead.

There was a problem with her stomach, and she didn't survive. The feeling was then gone, and replaced with overwhelming sadness.

I was shocked, and confused. What was the feeling about? Well, that was two years ago. THEN, a year ago.

My mothers best friend had a baby. I was happier then ever, because her best friend had no kids, loved kids was a teacher, and is like a second mom to me.

The feeling had returned and I was panicking. But I had no idea what was going on, and I didn't exactly trust anyone with this information. Well, they gave birth to the baby safely and I was happy. But when the feeling didn't go away, I was back to panicking.

The baby was handed to the father, 10 seconds later she let out a high pitched scream, the parents got scared and nurses rushed in, and the baby was declared dead before she could even be named.

Something was wrong with her lungs and she couldn't breath. I was devastated and the mom? Was in depression for a year.

That was a year ago, then we came to this year. I earned a best friend, and after growing close she admit some... Things about herself. A month later, I got some guts and admit my story.

It made us closer, but the closer we got the WORSE these experiences got. We saw figures, and I kept feeling peoples emotions. I got visions even. But it was weird. You know when, your in a car sitting, its dark outside, so the headlights of other cars are bright? And if you stare at one light, while it nears to your own car, it gets closer, closer, brighter, brighter, then fades out? That's how they are. They'd fade in and out like that. And They'd be short. One was just of a big building with people. And, then I went to a airport, just like the vision.

One of the most devastating experiences for me is my dog. He died, and I won't get into specifics, but I had a gut wrenching feeling, and it actually hurt. Now hes dead.

I've had times where I cry, and ask myself Why me? Why is this happening to me!?

My friend happens to have it worst then me. But without giving to much away all I'm saying is that she was/is affected by... Ghosts?

Please help and tell me what's going on with us!

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