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I See Shadows, Am I A Medium Or Not?


My name is nick and my story starts out 3 years ago. I looked out my window and saw my brother play so I go out to check on him and across the street I see a shadow like person last summer for instance I saw a shadow of a man on the corner of my eye and turned to look at him and he was still there I was so scared that I looked away when I looked back he was gone. The same man was there about two more times on different days. I also saw my first ghost that wasn't a shadow back in October it was a boy with a red sweater brownish-blonde hair and blue eyes just looking at me and then he just vanished. My brother says hes a medium and seen the same boy later that day even though I never told him, I was shocked because that was the first time we saw the the same thing and I never told him until that time. Also their was this lady in a white night gown or a dress. One day I was on the computer and I heard a woman whisper in my ear I go in the living room to see if it was my mom and shes sleeping on the couch. I seen the same woman again. I was on my bed and she just appeared out of no where and had a evil face and half of her head was down and she was looking at me and I jumped and I jumped so high the wood under my bed cracked I was telling my brother that and he said at the same time he saw some one in the room behind the woman. Also there is a boy in my house as well. One day I saw a little kid run pass my hallway after that I heard him laughing and then he just disappeared am I a psychic medium? If I am any tips? Because I really need to know I'm am psychic or psycho

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