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Psychic Hide And Seek


I recently discovered another psychic my age (13) where I live, and we think we have a little bit of all the gifts. Were still learning.

While we were out with are non psychic friend, she was unconvinced of are gifts, so we thought we prove it, a game of psychic hide and see (in a way, only we only move were we thought the person was) to see if we could actually pick up on each other.

So going off (two hiding and one seeking) and I was the first to seek, we walked in different

Directions, closing my eyes, I easily slipped in to a meditative state of mind (I've been doing the for a while now, so its easier) as I did this, I felt different, its hard to explain, I felt very on edge, ever sound was ten times louder, I knew my eye had gone wide, and I wouldn't have been surprised if they had turned like cats (don't know if they did) I'd even gone on the balls of my feet, so I was quieter and faster, my arm were extended gracefully, and I whipped around at ever sound, and I knew instantly where they were, and I went there, not care who saw me acting a bit odd, I wasn't myself.

When I got there, sure enough they were there, but I was still in... Whatever state of mind I was in, and I just kind of stared at them, my non psychic was a bit freaked, the psychic was a bit worried for me.

When I'd got back to normal, my psychic friend went off, and me and my friend were hiding, and the same happened to me again, only it was like a fear of what would happened if she found us (which was weird, she wouldn't hurt a fly) I could see which routes were bad and good, and when she found us, she was like me, only the totally opposite she was staring in to space and walking around heavily, but she wasn't aware she was, she said she kind of walked and she just walked in to us. I was still the same and I back away, and I felt like I should hiss or something, to get her away.

Finally my non psychic went, and she didn't feel anything, and me and my friend had to go find her because she didn't really have a clue or anything we did. I got to see what my friend was like, if I tried to pull her back, it was if I wasn't there, and just carried on walking, she was out of it, and we didn't have to talk much, because it was like we knew what each other were thinking and really it was the only way to reach each other because we didn't really know we were doing it. It was kind of scary. But I know it was a psychic experience.

Does anyone know what happened to me and my psychic friend? We felt very drained after three times, so we had to stop, is it safe? What happened to us?

Thank you

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