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I Seek Guidance


I tried to give enough info, while keeping it short and to the point.

I am looking for help on where to go from where I stand now.

A few years ago I would always see shadowy figures and spirits. It's never bothered me to see them and didn't frighten me. I could also walk into homes or buildings and be able to feel them and tell if it was positive or negative. Until one day when I spoke to someone about it, they told me it was because I was ok with it and that's why I could see them. The day after I spoke with this person it stopped or I just shut it out.

Around the beginning of April 09 I became curious about Astral Projection. I looked at a few sites and stumbled onto this site and the others linked to it.

I read a very good percentage of the stories, but there is one story that got me, scared me. I thought about this story a lot and I noticed everything around me. That's when the strange things started to happen I could feel everything around me again.

I always felt I was being watched, touched at all times during the day, feeling everyone around me, think random things just before they would appear. I couldn't sleep in my home and I felt as if I was loosing my mind. So my mother asked me to see a medium and I agreed to, to see if I was making everything up out of fear or if it was real. My mom always said I was gifted, I didn't think I was, I thought everyone was like this.

I spent my time with the medium. It was explained that how I could have triggered abilities from reading the stories I did. He said I am a crystal child and that I am gifted. I was told that I pick up the energy from spirits and feel what they are feeling (sad, anger, happy and so on). I've always been able to feel people, mainly when they are sad or down, and I can't seem to pick up anything but troublesome feelings. I can also see people's auras. I get random thoughts that don't pertain to what I am doing, with these thoughts I get a picture, and with in a short while it will happen during my day. The medium told me to pay attention to those random thoughts but I have some many I can't keep up with them. There has been times when I hear voices call my name, which makes me alert, and look around. When I hear more then one, I can't make out what they are saying its just mumbles. The medium told me to talk back, but I can't stay focused in order to do so.

All I have been told so far is "When the student is ready, the teacher will come."

I am not sure how to control this. I am seeking guidance from anywhere I can get it. I'd like opinions too, from all sources, May they be positive or negative and I am open to criticism as well.

Thank you for your time.

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stormtree (1 stories) (53 posts)
14 years ago (2009-05-28)

I have sent you an e-mail with some suggestions around understanding the concept of grounding and helpful exercises, along with the following directive:

You must be assertive regarding your personal space. There is a time to ask what the spirit wants, but it is time for you to be firm in what you require.

I must sign off, but I will be available later.

stormtree (1 stories) (53 posts)
14 years ago (2009-05-28)

I really appreciate your clarity and honesty. So many pretend to know more than they do to avoid embarrassment or have difficulty defining their needs. This is not a criticism of those people, it is a salute to you.

Pertaining to the male presence who is throwing things, touching and poking you, and being non-responsive...While I am diplomatic by nature, I have found that it is critical to take an empowered stance with all kinds of individuals. Kindergarten kids come to mind. Wild wolves as well. Asking what he needs doesn't seem to be helping at the moment, but what is far more critical is that you tell him what you require. You require your personal space. Whether it is a manipulative child or an intimiating bully, you will be taken advantage of if you do not take a stand. You are not to be molested. This must come from you. Because it must come from you, it must be your decision... But I can tell you that if you allow yourself to be violated, it will lead to further violation and can seriously jeopardize your spiritual well-being. So make the decision, and then stand your ground. It is not a negotiation. It is a boundary. Just as teachers in classrooms and individuals who are being pestered on the streets and siblings must learn to stand up for themselves, so must you in the spirit world.

Another aspect is controlling your living space. More about that below.

The fact that the meditation is helping you to relax is helpful to that extent. There are different ways to meditate, and meditation can be specifically directed. For example, you could go into meditation with the intent of finding your personal power.

Grounding means that you are defined in yourself, have your boundaries, and know where you stand. Grounding means that your energy is focused and strong, not scattered and flighty. Flustered, disoriented, uncertain, and disempowered are ungrounded. Think of your typical picture of an overwhelmed mark on the street. Planted, confident, focused, aware, calm, and empowered are grounded.

You might open your mind to reflect on an experience in which someone made you feel very secure. Perhaps it was a leather jacket, a deep voice, or a firm bootstep. Perhaps it was a no-nonsense matriarchal figure who let you know which way was up and drove out foolishness and mischief as she created a sense of secure nurture. There are herbs that can be helpful in grounding. Sandalwood, lialac, and euphorbia are a great triad for clearing a field, and vanilla, along with sandalwood, tend to be very grounding.

I lie on a big rock. I run. I sing. In a moving meditation, I take very long walks during which I go through the following sequence: First, I review my backlogged "agenda": worries that I have, tasks I have to accomplish, problems that I have to solve, etc. I give these things time to work through as the walking keeps me in a rhythm of moving through. I start breathing very deeply and focus on the world around me... Where I am among the trees or buildings, sounds and sights around me... Things outside of my own brain and ideas, the physical world of which I am a part. Next, I breathe deeply and focus on my connection all the way through the earth through my feet, and then all the way through the sky.

This meditation can be combined with another that involves gradually noticing and reclaiming every part of my body and all of my energy centers. I generally don't try to make anything change, or fix anything, just notice and occupy it. You might start going through your chakras this way, starting with your root chakra, which is red, focusing on that part of your body, visioning red, and humming a low note. If you notice that it seems blocked, painful, numb, or disconnected, simply notice this and hang out there for a while. This is called occupying that part of yourself, and the simple act of occupying yourself can lead to healing. Move on to your emotional chakra, orange, and a higher note, and so on.

This has already gotten a little overlong, but I would suggest that you do a healing ritual of some kind in your home. Burning sage and "smudging" first your own field, then each room, and finally the doors and windows with the smoke, along with audible songs and instruments, can be very powerful. Play the music and select the art that defines those aspects of yourself and of life that you want to experience.

I will zap a quick e-mail to the e-mail in your profile, and you are free to respond to me. This will allow for more in-depth and responsive exchanges, if you wish.

By all means, you must claim your body and space, and fill both with positive self-definition and Spirit.

I don't have time to edit this, and must wrap up here, but I will be available later.

Stick (1 stories) (4 posts)
14 years ago (2009-05-27)
You are right, I am very overwhelmed with all over this. It might be a little bit easier to deal with, but I have a spirit of a male, haunting me and disturbing me all the time. Throwing things, touching me and poking me while I try to sleep. I've tried to speak to him and ask him what he needs but I get no answers from him.

I hear those words all the time. Ground yourself, find your grounding, and you need be grounded. To be honest I don't understand what it means.

I have been getting a better grasp with the fear, its more of a caught me off guard now. I tend to just let myself smile now when I see things.

I have tried to focus and meditate. I have been doing it at least once a day. I don't notice any improvement other then being more relaxed and mellow.

If you have any ways by techniques or tricks to help with my concentration. I would love to try them out.

I'm sorry I forgot to add... If you would like to read that story, send me an email. I would rather not post a link on here.

I greatly appreciate your comments everyone.
Taurusgirl10 (8 stories) (113 posts)
14 years ago (2009-05-27)
If you practice concentration a lot, you can gain more control over the abilites and you'll get better.
stormtree (1 stories) (53 posts)
14 years ago (2009-05-27)

You asked for guidance. I have read your posting quite a few times, I have gathered the following:

You say that you want help to go on from where you stand now. You have a history of sensitivity to positive and negative energy as well as spiritual presences, including seeing shadowy forms and people's auras. In the past, these things did not bother you, and they ceased to manifest for you after you talked with a friend about them.

You mention that just last month you became interested in Astral Projection, and a particular story bothered you. It sounds like the recent reemergence and acceleration of your sensitivities has been uncomfortable and even invasive for you, that you feel watched, even touched, and have difficulty sleeping. Your only typo, which usually indicates a point of emotional charge, was when you talked about difficulty paying attention to the voices because there were so many, and you also state that you cannot talk back because you cannot stay focused.

It sounds like you are overwhelmed by how open you have become, and probably having difficulty maintaining your own boundaries and self-definition. Undoubtedly, the fear that you have experienced is drawing negativity to you and weakening you.

You state that you want to gain control of your experience.

Your gift will not go away, but on the other hand you need to work on making sure that you are not blown away in the process of exploring it.

The place to start is in strengthening your own grounding and your own mastery of your personal field. If you focus overmuch on the input, that will only increase your overwhelm.

It is absolutely critical that you master your fear, or perhaps more helpfully stated that you focus on love and truth. I am repeating myself here for a reason: fear will attract and feed negativity as it confuses and weakens you. Focus on white light.

Your relationship to Spirit, God, or however you experience Him or Her through whatever path you choose is critical.

Just as critical is your personal grounding through everything from physical meditations like walking and being aware of your feet being drawn down into the ground to turning on the light, having that midnight snack, and watching some mindless TV when the spirit world gets a little overmuch. Just as most of the healthy social workers I've known have had a bit of a cynical edge and rather unbridled humor, most of the successful psychics I have known have had some aspect of remarkable pragmatism to them. When I was running in evangelical circles, there was a quip about someone being "too heavenly minded to be of any earthly good." While the thrust of that bit of humor may more have referred to a lack of practical helpfulness, the wisdom still carries over to this application. Your grounding must exceed the current around you, lest you lose yourself in it.

Stick (1 stories) (4 posts)
14 years ago (2009-05-27)
I have had a few times, I heard mean voices too, but I just ignore those. They were mainly mixed in the radio. In songs I knew well, so I knew they didn't belong there.

From what I have read in the books I have, I understand the empathy part. During my session he spoke of me picking up the spirits in the same way as well and he said that controls me. I am just not sure how to take control of it.
vendettaBabes (3 stories) (335 posts)
14 years ago (2009-05-27)
Crystallines are very connected to empathy. Empathy is the ability to feel others around you, and sometimes empaths get the thoughts of random people around them, because emotions and thoughts go together. Emotions are in charge.

Jlh27 (2 stories) (12 posts)
14 years ago (2009-05-26)
I sometimes feel like someone scary has walked into the room and is staring at me when I'm home alone and I have heard a loud mans voice almost yelling at me but I'm always too scared to talk back. I can't understand him anyway. I would love to know the story that freaked you out!

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