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Looking For Guidance On My Abilities


All my life I have been different and known it. I grew up in a Christian missionary family though, so anything that I felt I just lumped it into the "God" box. I remember telling my best friend in high school that I could know things about people without them telling me. He asked me how and I just said, "I don't know. I just know." Then later I find out that what I knew about them was real.

He looked at me like I was a freak (my assessment) and we never talked about it again.

All through my teen years and up until I began meditating at age 30 I have had HUGE emotional swings for no reason. Once I began meditating and grounding myself I was able to discern foreign emotions that weren't mine. So I was able to discern this and shield those foreign emotions out. It was like coming up for air after having been underwater. Finally what felt like a horrible roller coaster I just wanted to get off was now manageable!

The first major experience I had was at age 20. I had been encouraged to go to this religious kind of "rehab" place by my family. I started walking to work one morning and that's it. I don't remember ever walking there. I was transported into this vision with my dead mother and she was telling me I was going to be okay and comforting me. I "came out of it" and I was at work.

The second major experience I had was at St. Paul's Cathedral in London. I was looking at the beautiful mosaic work on the ceiling and I put my hand on the marble pillar next to me for support. Immediately it felt as if I was being electrocuted or something. My whole body froze and I was transported to another time. There was a priest at St. Paul's, but it was a very long time ago. And I was him, or rather I felt all of his emotions. He wandered the halls and stairways of St. Paul's. The level of happiness this man had I had never experienced in my life. It was breathtaking. I had absolutely no frame of reference for it.

When I "came out of it" my whole face was covered in tears and I was just standing there staring at nothing. I started sobbing violently. But the crying and tears weren't out of sadness. I was just so completely blown away that I had felt happiness at such a mind-blowing level.

I later discovered my sensitivity for stones. I picked up a piece of Malachite at a fair and my whole body vibrated. My forehead sent out prickling electricity all through my face and head. My body felt numb, but pleasurable. I bought the rock, and have since developed this sensitivity through meditation. Each rock has very different energy. I have often commented that rocks are like bank vaults of energy to me.

I discovered meditation through a psychic friend of mine. I didn't exactly know she was psychic at the time. I had an anxiety attack and I could sense another one coming on, so I told her someone had mentioned to me that she does some kind of healing work and asked her what it was. She said she wouldn't tell me about it, but that she would show me if I was open to that. She did a healing session and my anxiety attack was completely gone! I felt like a polished penny! She told me I could do this work on myself and manage my own energy. So I began taking courses on meditation and healing.

Three years ago I came to a crossroads through meditation. I unearthed and faced my greatest fears metaphorically through a sort of Shamanic style of meditation that seemed to just come naturally (vision journeys). It was a time of huge upheaval and transformation as a result. Since then I have consistently done personal development work, and of course continued my meditation and healing work with stones.

Recently, I met with someone who I would call a QiGong master. I at least haven't felt anyone do work on me to such a level. I talked with him about some of my stories and he told me that it sounded to him as if I was Clair Sentient. So I looked that up and it seemed to describe a LOT of my life journey. Although I seemed to relate with the Empath, and some elements of Clair Audience and Clair Voyance as well.

So I guess I am curious about where to go from here. And also to discover more about myself. For instance, I mentioned visions and I have had quite a lot of them. With some of them I have gone to the people I had the vision about for verification and what I had "seen" was confirmed. I also have LOTS of dreams. Sometimes I can tell that they are just my own issues (normal dreams). Other times I will be seeing someone's whole life played out like a movie. One long dream that seems to last all night long. Sometimes I AM this person, and other times I am watching.

Also, there are times where I simply just KNOW something. People in my life think it's kind of crazy and they say I have no proof. But the certainty is undeniable. It's very different than just strongly believing or having an opinion. It's so certain that I simply can't deny it. I have verified quite a few of those instances as well. These are things that just happen to me though. It's not like I sit down and can call it forth at will.

I guess I am at a place in my life where I've done enough work so that I no longer feel like a victim of some kind of disorder or something. I'm seeing that I simply have abilities that other people don't have, and they simply can't comprehend it.

So I am reaching out for some advice, guidance, or whatever anyone has to offer that might shed some light for this Path I am on.

Peace and Love,


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sfchanteur (1 stories) (2 posts)
8 years ago (2014-11-17)
Thank you all for your feedback, guidance and help... I deeply appreciate that you have taken the time to write.

I will look up that book by Sonia Choquette... I do have "Love Is In The Earth"... It is the best book on stones I have ever come across!:-)

Peace, Love and sincere Gratitude.
west (3 posts)
8 years ago (2014-10-31)
Just read as much as you can.
I found books written by "Sonia Choquette" to be very helpful. I found her books on amazon. From there you can get suggested books on the same topic.
For stones, I have a book called: "Love Is In The Earth", by "Melody". You probably already have the book, but if not, its a great reference book for all stones.
GeorgiaMOM (guest)
8 years ago (2014-10-29)
You already know the answer to your question. Just from the story you told about your friend from 6mos ago I can see that. You are blessed. Now pass those blessings on.
Swordsoflight (6 stories) (90 posts)
8 years ago (2014-10-29)
It appears you may be an empath. (Having a bond between humans can be a type of this.)
Its good that you regret that, as that regret keeps you from doing it joyfully. Try to always think of positive ways to vent your emotions, like meditating or drawing or even just talking a long walk. 😁
I'm still new at developing abilities, but I think if you do a little every day to the point where it doesn't take too much thought is a way. Its helping me see auras, anyways.
Hope this helps,
sfchanteur (1 stories) (2 posts)
8 years ago (2014-10-28)
One other thing that I didn't mention in this article. I also have a sense of the bonds between people and have had confirmed stories of people experiencing this (although they didn't know it at the time). The first time I did it to an ex who had betrayed me and he called me within a week saying he didn't know why but he felt the worst he'd every felt in his whole life (and he was over 60). I felt vindicated and powerful at the time... But now I just have regret that I used my ability in such a negative way.

Another experience of using this ability in a positive way was about 6 months ago. A friend of mine was going through severely negative issues with her family and I wanted to support her. I did an hour long meditation with stones on all my chakras. I visualized a sphere pulsating and glowing with colors. I submitted it to God/the Universe and simply said, "Do with this as you wish on behalf of my friend." I then sent it into the Earth to remove the connection to myself as I came out of this place I had a picture in my head of her painting.

Literally, three hours later she called me to tell me that out of the blue she finally started painting again... After 6 months of feeling stuck/blocked.

My reason for sharing these things is not to feel powerful, or get attention... I've been down that empty road. I simply want to understand, and learn, and explore this world that I have never allowed myself to completely OWN. I've been dabbling and experimenting, often times out of self preservation or desperation. Now, I just feel like it is important to not run from this, or deny it, or take on the skepticism of people who don't understand.

In order to bloom I need water.

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