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Hiding At Home For Over A Year


When I was very small I would see black figures in my bedroom window that scared me to death. At 6 I had my first dream of a loved one dying while on vacation with my family in the mountains. That morning I woke to see my uncle who had come to inform my mom that my great grandpa had passed. I was labeled a stubborn child that acted out. Which meant "I got my bottom spanked a lot!" Because of this I haven't discussed anything with my parents except once. I was having really bad pains and my dad came over to me and said "do you want me to take your pain away?" I shook my head yes as I cried. He then looked at me and said "this will only work if you trust and believe that I can do this for you". I shook my head to acknowledge and he placed his hands on my side and the pain stopped after a short time. I ask him, "how did you do that?" He started walking away and simply said "we have healers in our family tree gal." Nothing more was ever spoke of such things again. Now death visits us all at some point in our life. With each visit I would dream of it before. Sometimes up to two weeks before but it's a person that is equally as meaningful to me as the people that have passed in each dream. Now since 2012 our family has lost my brother in law (electrocuted at work) age 40. My sister's grief took hold of me like no others I thought until this past May when our my first cousin (more sister) lost her only son (hunting accident with his dad) age 15. Now the grief surrounding the family is just too much. And it seems that my abilities are getting even more uncontrollable. My headaches never stop. As well something has come into my home that's not good. My dog is barking and growling at the entrance to my kid's rooms for 20 to 30 minutes when nothing is there daily. My kids and husband and even the dog all having nightmares all at the same time as I woke up and heard them all. And my youngest drew a pic of what was in his dream that appeared to be a demonic looking man. Things are falling from counters when no one is near them. My husband who is the biggest sceptic has even acknowledged that something is going on. And every time something happens my head hurts more and more with no relief. Frustration and anxiety and anger over take me, along with my own fears and grief. I have prayed over my home with anointing oil and things seem to of stopped. But What can I do to calm my mind and feel balanced? Please someone help. This is the first time in my 39 years that I have ever asked for help of this nature so please don't make fun of all this. It is quit serious. I need help before my head explodes. Thanks

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GeorgiaMOM (guest)
9 years ago (2014-10-31)
Since writing this story I reached out to a wonderful person on this site that seem to have some great comments for others. She has helped me to clean my house with no further activity. As well she sent me some articles on controlling myself and my gifts. At this time the headaches have stopped and my family and I are enjoying the time we spend together. Thank God for her strength and wisdom and willingness to help others. She's my angle and I wish her all the blessings in the world. Without her I'd still be hiding out. ❤ ❤

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