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I have always been a cheerful friendly person even though my life has not been great. I have been told many times that my aura is pretty inviting and that just with my presence people feel happy and relaxed. I have not really known who is calling without checking the caller ID but I have noticed that I can finish sentences for people and when I listen to the radio in my head I hear a song play and just like that BAM it starts playing on the radio. When I was a little girl about 5 years old I remember I was laying in bed and I suddenly heard a voice calling my name, I looked towards the door and I saw a black shadow but I was scared so I just covered myself and fell asleep. I always sort of feel a presence with me like I'm never alone I always find myself looking around thinking I will see someone but I don't. Several times it has happened that my dreams come true. My last experience was recently like a month ago. I had a dream that one of my co workers that I had no contact with in regards to his personal life held my son and he seemed so happy then we turned and saw his Girlfriend holding a baby. I found out later he was actually trying to conceive but had no success and a couple of weeks later it turns out my son is sick with fever and I have to complete a task at work before I take him to the DR. So he is at work when that co worker comes and as soon as he sees my son he carries him I felt weird like the same emotion as I had felt he had in my dream he was expressing in real life. A Week later he informs me his girlfriend is in fact pregnant! I feel like there is something there I just don't know what and I would appreciate help/advise/Guidance?

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