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Could These Be Coincidences Or Psychic Abilities?


I'm not sure if I have psychic abilities or not, but I would love to know or even have a category of what it could be. I like this website and feel like sharing my stories. Ever since I was little, I remember always being curious and wondering about stuff all the time. I always felt like I was "special", I wouldn't know why or how but I just did and felt a strong connection with god all the time, no matter what belief or religion... I don't recall ever seeing spirits or that type of the paranormal, but good things would always happen out of luck. Example: In first grade, there were a couple people walking around my classroom observing each student, but I felt they had picked me. I went home, I told my mother about it and told her that I didn't know what it was but I felt as if they picked me and wondered if I had gotten in trouble, later that day they visit and had asked her permission for me to be their model to a children's storytelling book they were hoping to publish and it would include taking me to parks and museums etc. Everything paid, I went to church one time, and put the one little dollar I had to myself in the basket and when coming out of church I would found $5 on the floor and felt as if I was being thanked.

As I got older, I remember arguing with my boyfriend one time and the lamp next to him started flickering and turned off and he looked confused as well as I did inside. Other arguments I would have with him, he would either fall down from tripping on something if he tried to do something mean out of anger like slamming the door of my car, he once got stung by a bee in his armpit during an argument LOL I don't feel I cause these things to happen but it's weird when they do. The one thing I feel he strongest with me now, the sense of "knowing" when someone is lying to me and knowing I cannot trust them. I have separated myself from many friends because I just "knew" when they would say a lie. The more they would go into adding lies to their lies and the extent, it would drive me nuts and impatient. I would just have this feeling of great deception inside but I would keep to myself and acted like I believed and separated myself from them, I felt as if they kept lying and lying trying to convince me when I would not ask for any explanations and I would just feel like their negative energy was draining me. I find myself very into paranormal, psychic, spiritual stuff, like I can read about it, watch about it everyday because it's fascinating to me. When I started reading Near Death Experiences, I just became addicted, I have told other people about my fascination with that and sometimes shared stories I've read and one time while sharing all the lights in my apartment went off, it was scary I will admit because it was almost midnight. Then again I shared with my mom and told her that I feel my grandma (her mom) is at peace when I read NDEst and makes me feel that she's there in spirit watching over us and suddenly again lights started flickering so that would make it a little eery that it happened TWICE. Once I heard a voice in my head out of nowhere, I was cooking, it said " my boyfriends name, has another phone" as if it was my conscious self telling me this, I thought that was odd but the next day he pulled out another phone, he had two one for work and one personal. Then another time just recently, same thing, is like I consciously told myself to take the streets instead of highway, so I did and my tire came off. I felt as if I was really being watched by a guardian angel or spirit and helped me because if I would've taken the highway I don't want to imagine tire coming off there. I have gotten free things, free shoes, free food when I order due to errors on their end, free car repairs because of credit card malfunctioning or discounts and I just don't think any of this could be coincidently. Now I have maybe 2-3 close friends, I may probably be seen as antisocial at work, and to others but I just feel that I like it like this. It keeps me positive without feeling deception and I just really want to be around close family I love and friends. Where I haven't felt any distrust. I also forgot to add that I have had 2 panic attacks recently, out of nowhere at work, it scared the... Out of me, I felt like screaming for help and like I was being pulled away from reality, I had to get up and have a drink of cold water to try and bring myself back to normal, I stopped watching the news because the sad stories really affect me emotionally that it takes me a while to get over them, I just feel like a very impatient person who picks up others energy and I'm usually always just right about the attitude I pick of others. I search these things and it consoles me that others feel the same way.

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Tak_the_Unformed (1 stories) (15 posts)
8 years ago (2014-11-25)
I agree with hydragarde mostly besides the evil and good thing. Good and evil is human kinds greatest lie and the culprit behind the atrocities we have commited against every form of life on our mother. Jesus Christ is a pretty awesome dude though! Your ability capability limitations and ethics are all entirely up to you. Unlimited power is yours if you know you possess it. Limits only exist if you want them too You are definitely psychic all you need now is the knowledge of the correct way to breathe. Learn to breathe and you will be doing all the things you have always known you should be doing.
The only place I have actually seen the real way its done is in a book called "nothing in this book is true but its exactly how things are" by bob frissell.

Good luck and I hope it helps!
hydragarde (1 stories) (10 posts)
8 years ago (2014-11-12)
You have a strong tie with God. You also have the innate ability to affect DESTINY. What you think in your mind becomes real, don't just IMAGINE, one needs to VISUALIZE and BELIEVE especially in GOD. You are blessed the same as me, not everyone has a strong tie to God and the manifestation of destiny. Use it for good, it is the only burden that we have, to use it for good, it is very tempting to use it for evil.
I hope this helps, and yes, everyone can be Psychic if they WILL themselves to become Psychic, but remember, there are 2 sources of abilities in becoming a Psychic, one is from Evil, Satan and other Demons, but the most beautiful and powerful source of all is GOD. If you want to train yourself to become an effective psychic, walk the path towards GOD and the LORD Jesus Christ.

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