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How Do I Control My Psychic Abilities?


I'v been psychic for a while now, and I still haven't figured out it all! My psychic abilities consisted of clairvoyance (sometimes my own future) and some telepathy with some of my closes friends and ones that are just very open and easy to pick up on (I also have some empathy but I know know if that's part of telepathy or what)

I thought I figured most of them out, but I really haven't, I still don't have control over most of them, and if I have a flash (vision of the future) its at random, I can be having a conversation or be in the middle of class, and I can't stop it until I've seen it, and people think I'm not listening to them when really I just can't stop what's happening! I feel out of control with something I don't know much about. I've tried crystals and meditation but its not work the way I'd hoped... How would I use them to make this all easier on me?

I also have what I like to call 'blank visions' where I go in to the same state of mind, but I can't see it and I can't get out of it until the 'blank vision' is over.

Can anyone help with that?

With clairvoyance, I offend see my friends futures, but I'm not really open about any of this, only with any other psychic friend who knows what I'm going through. Still no control for eather of us on that one...

Awhile back we both started to see these boys (we quite offend see people before we meet them) and- forgive me if I sound a bit sappy- we felt strongly for them, but it always gets confusing, sometimes I will see her boy, and sometimes my boy (same with her) but, when we see a boy, how do we know if its clairvoyance, or we are seeing are own future. Again, all this it out of are control.

I should clear up we see the future we might have together, and no, I'm not a love sick girl, I already have a boyfriend that I'm perfectly happy with and its just confusing me that's all.

Also, will we meet them? I've tried looking for answers, but I don't know if my emotions for them get in way of getting a pure answer, so I need some control over this, and would be grateful if someone would tell me how? How do not let emotion cloud my abilities?

We have a main boy we see and feel strongest about, and sometimes we see the other one. But its horrible when the other says they have had a dream/flash about the other girls main one. We don't know them, so I'm really confused and upset about all this and would desperately like to understand it...

With telepathy, I'm never to sure if its happening or not, sometimes I'll think something, and though exacted words will come out someone else's mouth, and I'm not sure if it was my thought to being with! Does anyone know how to recognize its happening?

With Empathy, most of my friends turn to me with problems, so I know what there thinking and feeling while I try to help them through it (so I'd say over the years I've gotten pretty good, but only just realized its called empathy).

One of my friends is pretty bad, and I'm getting to the point were empathy is becoming way to much for me to handle with her. The raw emotion I get from her is insane and its making me feel horrible, I don't know how to block it out, I'm helping her to the point where I feel like I'm drowning in this with her, and I need a way to block her out.

Is there a way to block empathy at will?

Thank you all for reading, any help what so ever would be so amazing even if its just being believed for once!

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14yearoldphysic (2 stories) (6 posts)
13 years ago (2011-04-25)
well I don't know really but I have heard stories of somesort of people feeding off of soundwaves but I have pyschokinesis and I can control through music I play a lot of instruments which help me control this!
isha395 (3 stories) (21 posts)
13 years ago (2011-04-21)
Hey 14yearoldpsyic, Thanks for the comment

I play the piano, guitar and I sing and music is my main thing in life, I'v never thought about controlling it though music! That's very interesting! I'lll have to try it out! Thanks for the tip!

You say your a psi vamp? I think I might be... I was going to write a story on it actually... How can you feed of music?

Many Thanks 😊
14yearoldphysic (2 stories) (6 posts)
13 years ago (2011-04-20)
i don't think so but I think I know a way of controlling this well I'm a psi vamp and I control my hunger for human energy or energy by playing instruments see I play the trumpet, saxophone and the soothing flute I mostly control my energy throught the flute the soothing sound warms me maybe try to play instrumets

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