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New Abilities That Are Not Normal To Have


I have these new abilities that I do not have words to explain it. I see stuff that I should not see. But I hope my story will be interesting and I do not mind if you call me crazy or not. You can feel free and write what you think. Okay, so it start like this I pray and meditate, but I was always confused if I should keep my gift God approve of that or I shouldn't keep it and block it forever. So I prayed about it. Every time I pray my eyes get brighter and I can clearly see the shapes of my eye. And the weirdest thing I see stuff clearly. I see "stuff" (I do not what to called them because I do not know if their demons or ghost). I have not seen their eyes or anything like that. But they talk at night like crazy they like to wake me up for some reason. And the other thing when I meditate I see dead people. I always go this beautiful place with flowers and trees and lake on the other side and their is this wooden thing were you lay on, and their are a lot of people there. You just lay down and it make you so relax and when I'm really angry I usually go to this ugly place. And talk about what I hate. And for some reason when I'm made about person I can't used my powers to hurt them. I usually try to clean their aura instead. I can't harm people because my gut will not let me. Anyway when I go their I fight with my dark side to let my anger out of me. I also developed this weird powers. Like I can put my hand on somebody heart and tell if their good or bad. When I do that my hand receives good and bad energy the bad energy fall under my left arm and good energy in my right. I can also do that in room not only people everything. I hope you guys will help me naming these types of power and if anyone have them let me know and also how you feel about my story and the powers we both share. Thanks:)

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CelestialJaden (39 posts)
10 years ago (2011-04-04)
I've heard about people who can touch others and know what they are, it's a special kind of Empathy, I don't know much about it though. As far as being able to go to the beautiful place you described, I have this ability (not the exact area but a similar one), I've come to call the areas like these a "Mindspace"-basically I can choose to go to the area that I feel more comfortably in, I always thought it was just meditation but hearing that you can do this too, makes me wonder if it is more than that.

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