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Shadows That Talk


When I was 10, I used to see shadow people in full figure. They used to be so clear. One time I had woken up a dream I later realized to be a past life, and as I ran from my upstairs room with a loft by it, this loft overlooked the living room when I looked down into the living room I saw a whole group of shadow people, they appeared to be wearing cloaks and such. Then I fled to my mother's room, which was across the hall, without looking back. I believe one of them had looked up at me.

A week later I was down stairs in the living room talking to "my mother" I forgot what I was saying, however the thing I had not noticed until sometime later was that "my mother" had red eyes. She said something, which I do not remember.

However when that conversation had ended, which I am not sure how. I ended up walking upstairs, where my real mother had been sitting and talking to my younger sister. At that moment I didn't quite understand.

A week later, I saw a figure like a ring-wraith from LOTR in my classroom door a week later. Mind you, I didn't know about LOTR at this point. It was there for all of a second, because I had to look away from the door way.

For some reason around this time, I had been tossed into going to the school counselor. To this day I do not remember why. However my mother claims that it was the principal's idea. She won't actually reveal the whole thing.

I still have no idea what happened. I remember talking the counselor about a lot of things. Things that I don't think I should have known. It was all hushed up, eventually, I had to stop going to the counselor. Once again I was not told why or I blocked it out, or something did it.

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j-torrez (3 stories) (53 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-30)
I use to have that happen to me. It was this group of evil spirits that wanted to harm me. I almost fell into various of their traps. That is what they do they try to turn you against everyone by confusing you until you don't know up from down. They wish to have you in a vulnerable state so that they can take you down. It does not matter what appears to be real or not, you know all these people and who they are. Don't you dare forget who you are nor your past! Good luck I am cheering for you😉
Krislove (65 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-29)
I used to see my "brothers and sisters" in other places all the time. I swear they were somewhere else and I find them in another room. I used to wake up to sleep paralysis and open my eyes and see my brothers and sister talking shiat about me and plotting something nefarious only to find out later when I confront them that such a thing never happen. It's weird sometimes. This stuff don't happen anymore (or I just don't register it anymore). Anyways, if I saw my mother with red eyes I would run the opposite direction.

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