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I am submitting this topic from my blog. Please refer to my first experience; We live in a world of great negativity which we see, hear, feel (sense), hear and even taste. So much that more and more people are suspecting that they are being attacked spiritually.

Psychic shielding can help ward off negative energies and beings from yourself and areas. This takes a lot of practice to improve FOCUS. Meditation is highly recommended to improve your focus.

1. Begin by visualizing a white thick bubble of light surrounding you.

2. Picture it warding off or absorbing the negative energy.


It is difficult to use shields while your body is exhausted. It is extremely hard to put up shields when you do not do enough meditation.


Some people may feel more comfortable with visualizing circles instead of a bubble. Personally I find that I feel more secure with visualizing the bubble since it covers my entire body. But to each its own. Others may feel more comfortable in calling upon their God or Goddess in the process of setting up their psychic shields. Nothing is wrong with that. You can mix in your personal belief system. Psychic Shielding begins in your mind. So experiment with it. It is you at the end of the day that will really makes the shields work.


When you believe that your shields are adequate enough; you can focus more on the warding part in terms of the mirror. Picture your shield in the form of a mirror. Picture the negative energies reflecting/bouncing off of them.

In extreme circumstances, picture the white light of the shield surging through your body. Then focus it at the energies or negative entities involved. I practically learnt that by accident. Magicians will use a sword or athame.

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Rashidah (23 stories) (17 posts)
13 years ago (2011-06-22)

Jatashi this is one of my stories on giving tips on meditation. If you have anymore questions post it here and I may get back to you.
Gaurdian1159 (1 stories) (14 posts)
13 years ago (2011-06-17)
hello, I have been shielding for a few years now and I'm quite telented. The type of shield you visulise can effect certain things. Such as a brick wall will cause people to avoid talking to you and such... Plus if you provide a marginal amount of energy and a sustainable source, such as a tree and a circle that remains unbroken you can build shield constructs that can even groung the people entering and keep spirits and people who mean others harm away. I used one of these when I was in high school to make it feel safer, with in a few hours of it being compleated my psychicly aware friends noticed and over the next few days people began saying how the school felt better and more relaxing. (I should probly also mention that a week earlyer a student had died in car accident and caused large amounts of grief) (sorry for the spelling)
jatashi (1 stories) (57 posts)
13 years ago (2011-06-17)
i hope I'm not bothering anyone but would some one know were I can get Lapis lazuli thank you for the help
jatashi (1 stories) (57 posts)
13 years ago (2011-06-17)
this is grate I'm am not sure how I am coming along with my bubble and I did not even think that I could reflect the attack back to the attacker one more thing I am not sure how to Meditate can you explain how I can Meditate
iScorpio (guest)
13 years ago (2011-06-14)
Another way to protect yourself is by keeping a properly cleansed/charged Amethyst or Lapis Lazuli with you. They both block psychic attacks, but Lapis blocks and returns the attack to it's source.:)

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