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I play with a few stray dogs in the park, mainly because I feel better around dogs then humans, and I understand their basic moods better. I can't keep a dog at home because of my dad's allergy to them, so I play with them. Last night I thought about them being hurt, or hurting me. Today I went to play with them, though only 2 of them, they seemed lethargic and irritated, and had the same kind of wound on their thigh. I was guessing it was something done for medical purposes because it was clean, neat and well taken care of and on exactly the same spot I was sitting in mud, when suddenly my own thigh started to hurt, for no reason. I now have a soft bruise on it.

On my way home, feeling confused, I began thinking of getting a bottle of coke, but for some reason stopped myself. I went home and my mother was ordering pizza and coke as a treat for passing my exams.

We began discussing when we would go and buy art thing I needed. (I enjoy painting, so we had decided to go out and buy art stuff) I thought in my mind "Tomorrow would be good..." My mom and dad discussed it, and figured out that the only day my dad's free to take me, is tomorrow.

I keep predicting small things, like when my friends and I will meet, or the percentage my friend and I got in math. I would be wrong sometimes but when my thoughts were spontaneous, I am always dead on. For example, there's a site called "" where you talk to strangers without having to sign up or make a profile. Just random conversations with random people who don't have to know anything about you. You can disconnect any conversation whenever you like and switch strangers too. It's like randomly calling up people and chatting with them on the phone! It's pretty safe and though some people use it as a slightly "explicit" site, and type mean thing, mostly it's a site for bored people. I simply went on out of boredom.

When I was speaking to people, I always found certain things about them without them telling me, like -

"This boys having girlfriend trouble", and sure enough it would come up in conversation. Or things like "This guys a creep" sure enough my fears would come true.

It became surprising when I asked one of the strangers a question "what do you want to be when you grow up?"

The answer I thought of was "I want to kill myself." As we continued to talk, I found out whoever was suffering from depression. We had that in common since 3 years ago I was suffering from it too. So we continued to talk. It's becoming much more potent.

Things like this won't stop happening. I can't do anything to harness this skill, since I'm 16, get 400rs (about 10 dollars) for pocket money and can't buy crystals, take classes or anything. If I asked my parents they'd sooner send me to a mental clinic. I thought it would be ok just leaving it this way, but its growing, and I don't know what to do. If I have an ability, I want to be able to control it. I thought I would find a mentor, but in India apparently there aren't many people I can turn to. Any advice?

I also used to be clairvoyant, in the sense I would see things in my head, like where a lost item was, or what my friend was going through. That ability has disappeared, and even though I meditate, I can't "find" it. I feel slightly blind! Any help on this too.

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Maverick_aj (1 stories) (15 posts)
13 years ago (2011-06-25)

Hi. I'm from India too and its really nice to see someone coming out to tell their stories! I have been in touch with all your stories and I have had similar experiences as well.

I read the story about psychic schools that you commented on and I too, share the same frustration of not being able to learn at a certain 'School' to enhance my abilities, plus there arent enough people who speak about such things and ofcourse think I'm nuts too. So I thought would it be okay if we can get chatting with each other and work it from there? It would be great having a person who shares the same experiences...
WanderingWayne (4 stories) (107 posts)
13 years ago (2011-06-15)
I opened this to read it because I too feel more at ease with dogs than people. I have two dogs that are my constant companions. We go on a lot of long walks and spend hours in the woods.

In quite a bit of the reading I have been doing, it seems that the veil between humans and the spirit word is beginning to thin, allowing a little more communication with our world and the spirit world. It seems like you are experiencing this in some way of "knowing".

I seems to be more at peace when out in the woods where I can experience feelings of wonder for creation. Long walks drinking in the beauty of my surroundings in solitude. It is the way I connect in some small part with what some might described as god-consciousness. What I just call my love of the wilderness.

Maybe you can find a similar way to experience this type of wonder.

I have no other way to explain my experiences in the woods. It does seems to draw me closer to creation and give, piece of mind and open me to more of life.

I think if you can find a similar thing it might give you a clarity of mind that may open you to what it is you are meant to do. You have many years to find out what it is about and how to use it. Someway you need to find a way to be open to it. Then you will learn how to experience it. If you find how to do this, I think then you will get the instruction you need in one way or another.

Remember. You have many years of life, so if something feels right but doesn't seem to make a difference right away don't give up to soon. Learn to listen to your inner voice and let it guide you on your path.
bird (5 stories) (23 posts)
13 years ago (2011-06-03)
First off, you do not need to buy crystals, or take classes, all you need to do is pay attention. You are still young, I have been having psychic experiences since I can remember (I am now 36). They have changed, developed, gone away for awhile, come back again, over and over on and off since I was young. Included in my abilities at any one time are precognitive dreaming, just "knowing things" (forget what that is called) I have seen ghosts, heard ghosts astral travelled, can remote view (am quite good at that one) and although I can't do it at will, I have many many times read people with specific accuracy, even helped a distant friend find, with specific dates and places, a lost nephew. I too have random things just pop into my head that are insignificant, but I am more often than not correct. I like how you put it: "spontaneous thoughts are always dead on". I have found that to be true for me also. Just the other day, upon reading a post my brother wrote questioning what star was going to have their baby first, I spontaneously thought Pink, a girl and she will name it Willow. Today, I read that is exactly what has come to pass. Now mind you I am NOT a Hollywood follower, I could care less really. I just enjoy the affirmation that I know. So trust yourself, and pay attention. You will find that you can do much more than insignificant things. And still, isn't it kind of fun? I think it is!
stephyw2001 (3 stories) (108 posts)
13 years ago (2011-06-01)
It's not just India, it's hard here in Michigan too. I get depressed a lot as well, but hang in there! Though life can be very frustrating, you have to always remember that we control our lives (to an extent at least). I like to believe that if we truly want something, we have the power to make it happen. I'm not in the best situation myself, and it can be very difficult to be happy sometimes. In fact, I find I'm becoming an angrier person than I used to be. I'm tiring of people and their stupid, selfish or ignorant ways. But, there is a lot in this world that is beautiful, and if we can focus on what makes us happy, and rid ourselves best we can of the negative, things aren't so bad. If you ever need to vent, you can e-mail me. Just hang in there!:)

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