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Future, Auras, Emotions, And Minds


Please do not read if you're here to call me crazy. I've heard enough of it. I know I do sound crazy; a thirteen year old who can see the future, read minds, see auras, and absorb people's emotions? But I'm not crazy. I'll start by explaining my dreams. I've read carefully about other experiences with people who see the future in their dreams, to see if I was the only one. However, my experiences are a bit different. I see bad things happening, these things don't always affect me and they are sometimes hard to see clearly. My first dream was at the beginning of December. I saw the Japanese flag sitting on a blank white floor. But suddenly, I heard a crash of waves and water. The flag was swept into the water, curling from being wet. Then it started sinking, until it reached the floor (The room was filling with water). I woke up, and my eyes stung, I was crying, and I couldn't breathe. This was soon before the tsunami. I didn't tell anyone because I thought it meant nothing I thought it was just an asthma attack I was having, but then the tsunami hit Japan and I realized that something was... Wrong with me. The next dream I had was of my dad. This one scared me the most. I didn't want it to happen, but it did. I saw him yelling and crying, blaming my mom for everything. I heard him say "I've been cheating on you. I've been lying." My mom was crying and she ran out on him. I woke up, and once again my eyes stung and I couldn't breathe. Three weeks later I found out my dad had actually been cheating on my mom. There are more dreams I've had, but I want to talk about mind reading. It started in early May. I was sitting next to my friend in art class when I decided I was going to read her mind. We were laughing, and I was unfocused so we gave up and went back to drawing. About five minutes into my drawing, everything blacked out. I couldn't feel, hear, see, smell, taste anything in the art room. All I could see was an eye. My friend's eye, I realized after. Then the only sound I could hear were the distinct, echoed words, "This line needs to be straighter." The eye closed and I regained consciousness. I looked at my friend, who was busy working on her drawing. I asked her if she had thought those words. She looked afraid when she said she had, and hadn't said them out loud. She looked at me like I was not human. I didn't bring it up again. It happened again with my mom; she was cleaning when she asked where my sister was. I blacked out again, and this time saw her eye. The words, "I wonder what's wrong... I'm so worried about her..." echoed in my head before I regained consciousness. I asked my mom, and she looked at me funny. She said yes, that those were the words that she had just thought. The same experience happened another time with my sister. She asked what my favourite flower was. They blanking out happened. That was when I heard her think that pink roses were beautiful. I smiled at her and said "Me too", when I regained consciousness. She's eight and of course would not have thought I was different or have thought to question how I knew. I try to ignore people's thoughts now. I try not to look into their eyes, because I know I will hear something that is useless that I don't want to hear. Next I want to talk about auras. I see them; the blinking colours that wind around people's heads. They aren't always distinct, but I do see them. They look like thin telephone wires that blink a translucent colour, like an outline around someone. The space between the aura and the actual figure is always brighter then the area outside the aura. I know some people do see auras, so I am not to worried about this one. Finally, I want to talk about emotions. I want to say this one last, because it freaks me out the most. Some people call it empathy, but it's not like that. I've done my research, and I wanted to be sure. I don't have the ability to 'walk in someone's shoes'. I wish it was like that, but it's not. I walk into a room, and a wave of emotion hits me. I feel every emotion of every person in that room. I feel angry, sad, miserable, desperate, happy, bubbly, shy, loud, etc. All at once. I have to avoid crowds, it's difficult to be at school. I just want to yell "SHUT UP!", even if no one is talking. It is so overwhelming because I don't know what I am feeling myself. I need to run away often times. But when I'm alone, I don't feel anything. I don't know how to feel because my emotions are over run by those of others. I want to feel. I want to love, and be happy, and even be angry. But I want it to be my anger. But it doesn't work. It's always the feeling of someone else. I know that it's bad to turn off your emotions like a switch, but I had to. The overwhelming wave of emotions is just too much. It makes my head hurt, and it makes me feel stretched and alone. Having no feeling is somehow worse. It doesn't stay off. It's like I'm trying to balance a light switch, but it keeps turning on. I still can't be in large crowds because I can't handle it. I'm claustrophobic and I'm scared of emotion. I need help. My parents can't help because they already think I'm... Different, a freak. My friend's think I'm crazy and I don't know how to ask for support. Nobody understands.

I'm only 13. I'm just a kid.

I don't know how to deal with psychic... Abilities, along with other stresses.

Please help me.


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13years (1 stories) (2 posts)
13 years ago (2011-06-29)
Thank you both (=
Practicing the emotional radar really helps with emotions (=
Meditating also helps, not just for controlling these abilities, but for making them stronger.
Aleusia (2 posts)
13 years ago (2011-06-29)
Hi there sweetie,
First off I would like to congratulate you on your thought reading ability! It appears that you have been able to master the use of of it very easily but that you are now having difficulty with the emotional aspect of being psychic. When you are Psychic all of your physical senses are very heightened by the awareness of energy around you not just your own but everyone else. Imagine if you will we are all radars sending out emotional signals, the emotional signals are like a magnet that attracts to us what we want to manifest in our lives, only most people are not aware this is what they are doing so they blast their emotions out far and wide, this is not a bad thing, but a necessary thing to live, but for people who are more aware of the emotional energy this can become very overwhelming.
There are a few things that can be done in this case, you can pull in your own radar closer to you so that you do not pick up on it so much, you can change your frequency to above or below where they are transmitting or you can turn it off altogether. You have been trying to turn it off and keep it off but you can not do that because when you have an emotion or desire of something, it has to attract what you ask for, and the only way it can do that is by turning on. We are radar magnets attracting what we ask for so if you say "Oh what a pretty flower" that has emotion behind it asking to see more of those pretty flowers, if you say "OMG all these emotions are too much to handle", you once again send out a request for more emotion to come to you, the very thing you do not desire. This happens because Life in general is all inclusive, you get everything you ask for by simply thinking of it. So I would in this case simply realize I am going into a room full of wonderful people and pull my radar close to me so as not to disturb the other room mates with my presence unless they would like me to, and so that I could enjoy the Human presence of these spiritual persons fully. Of course this will take practice as practice makes perfect.
I hope this makes sense and can help you a little bit, it sounds like you will have a remarkable journey ahead of you.
pokestitch (12 posts)
13 years ago (2011-06-28)
dont feel bad I understand what you are going through. I too can hear peoples thoughts, see/feel auras, and see into the future, plus much much more. It just takes disipline and practice to master controlling these abilities. Try meditating (clearing your mind of all thoughts) and focus only on what you wish to accomplish. Don't give up if you can't do this at first... The more you practice the better you will become. It has worked for me and all of the people I have instructed to do so. And the funny thing is I'm only 15 and have mastered controlling all of the abilities I have been given. DO NOT GIVE UP!

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