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Night Dreams To Reality


Ever from the time, I was 5 years old I have had many dreams and nightmares that have always come true eventually. This puts a new meaning on Déjà vu. The first dream I had for a year straight ever night was I am on top of a mountain that has a path that spirals around this mountain. I start taking off running from the top to the bottom of the mountain for my life when I look back all my friends are running behind me and this giant builder that was on fire come rolling down after us it kills all my friends instantly. I would wake up from this one ever night all of kindergarten and first grade. The next year I changed schools because we move. 6 months after school started my friend died instantly in a house fire. 3 months after that the rest of my friends were playing in a rock quarry close to a house and where all killed by the rocks caving in on them. The fact that two key elements killed all of my friends has never left me.

When I was 7 years old; I kept having another dream that my Aunt and I, went to a library or bookstore with her boyfriend (who in real life she didn't have at the time). In addition, I was so scared of this man and he was nice but something would always scare me and my aunt turned a corner and then a postcard holder started spinning when she walked out and I looked at the man and he ended up turning from a man to a wolf. As soon as that would happen I would walk up ever night in a cold sweat I told my mom one time about it and she said to close my eyes tight and that dream stopped. 5 years later, my aunt met the person in my dreams for the first time. They dated 1 year when she found out he already was married and had kids. He lied about everything he had ever told her. He broke her heart and became a horrible man to her.

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hug100 (126 posts)
13 years ago (2011-06-30)
Your dreams are visions they tell of what's going to happen sometimes like in your dreams they where warning you but not always is that the case just listen to what the're trying to tell you and interpret what they say. There is always something to learn from even the strangest dream.

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