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I've been told -- by someone whom studied Wicca -- that he believed I was a witch. Since my childhood, I've always thought that someone or something plagued me. As a child, I used to have violent waking dreams. For example, I would hear someone knock on my window, it would rush in at me and shake me awake. Later in life, I was told that it was due to stress -- my parents fought often -- and could be stress or the "Old Hag" syndrome. It was frightening.

But other strange encounters would happen. I used to hear knocks on the front door, but I was the only person who heard it in the house. I have dreams of shadows standing over me, and I violently kick and swing at people not there. I guess it could be summed up as "shadow people". I dunno.

I've awoken to see birthday/well wishes cards on my bookcase just fall with no wind. Not a single fan was on. It all kind of stopped when I got my dog, who sleeps in the room with me, but, I'm not sure that makes a difference.

And just to add to the accolades, I have been told I'm incredibly "close" with my tarot card readings. I've also had serious anticipation of seeing a person for weeks on end, and finally, that person I anticipated seeing comes back into my life. For example, I thought about this person for months, viewed their pictures, and heard songs out of the blue that signaled to me his return. Sure enough, he appeared a few months later.

I do not come here to disrespect anyone who seriously studies the Wiccan craft. I would just like some feedback on the above examples. I seriously hope my story isn't too complicated to read. Feedback welcomed:)

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Pyrowitch (3 posts)
13 years ago (2011-06-29)
HI, Jumplittlelisa... I think that these things that have been happening to you since you were little, are very interesting and I think you should develop this "gift" that you seem to possess. I also think that you may be a witch, cause you can feel and sense many stuff. Please, write to me or add me if you want to talk more. I have some abilities too, but they are different. Kisses!

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