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I am a psychic, I think. I discovered my psychic abilities about 2 years ago. I have always had dreams that foreshadow the future, but I never really thought anything of it. Not all of my dreams have foretold the future, but, when I do have a dream the foretells the future, I know it because I am aware that I am dreaming (lucid dreaming). Also, I think I am an empath because I can feel the energy and guess the emotions of others easily. I have always had a connection to animals and anything alive but can't actually talk to them. Another thing is that I have a photographic memory and STRONG intuition -- If I have a bad feeling about something, then it is going to be bad. Also, I discovered my psychic abilities after I met my best friend and he can see spirits and sometimes auras. We have talked about our abilities, and think that it wasn't a coincidence. Are psychics subconsciously drawn to each other? I don't know what to think. Am I a dreamwalker, or an empath, or an animal telepathic? I come from a family that are somewhat skeptics. I think my mom is like me too but the rest of my family isn't. I have told my mom about this stuff and she pretty much believes me because she has had some experiences like I've had. I think I have a lot of different abilities from different kinds of psychics but each of the abilities are weaker than they would normally be. Is there a name or term for that? I've never heard of a person having more than one ability. If anyone has some insight on this please comment. I want to learn to control this but I am not Wicca, I am Christian. Can you learn to control these abilities and not be Wiccan?

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shadowrider13 (1 stories) (16 posts)
10 years ago (2012-01-21)
hey dream rider I have thos exact powersand I live in the same state. If you read this can I please talk to you
taffyinky (4 stories) (108 posts)
10 years ago (2011-07-01)
I think that I once read that being around another psychic will increase your power somehow. I don't understand why nor can I remember where I got that from.
can_dice97 (4 stories) (8 posts)
10 years ago (2011-06-30)
i seemed to awaken my abilities when I met one of my friends. She only sees gohsts, I have many other abilities. The odd thing is my gift is stronger when I am with her. Oh, and being a psychic doesn't mean you have to be a wiccan and really has nothin to do with wicca. But honestly I don't think wicca is bad.
DreamRider (1 stories) (4 posts)
10 years ago (2011-06-30)
Thanks so much, everyone... All this really helped. Thanks taffyinky for the advice.
drewboi (5 posts)
10 years ago (2011-06-30)
alot of people have multiple abilitys, some connect to others. I've been empathic since I was little, most the time its only connected with the living, but it can branch out to dead people sometimes. Anyone can develope psychic abilities, how to go about that I don't know, maybe meditation and focusing on each one, and finding out what helps it to develop more.

People who arent wiccan (me) can have gifts, its not religious at all, its about you and your body. So just like you develop your body by working out, you can develop your mind with meditation (which isn't just religious)

Hope I helped:D
taffyinky (4 stories) (108 posts)
10 years ago (2011-06-29)
I have multiple ablities and they are kind of weak probably because I don't really work with them. I think that all new psychics start out with weaker gifts and the more you use them, the stronger they get. Try working with one at a time to get them stronger. I don't know if this will work for controlling premonitions (telling the future) but try telling yourself about what you want to see in your future. Start out with something that will happen the next day or something like that. Then work further into your life the better you get. I tried a similar technique with my premonitions but I had them while awake rather than asleep and I have taught this to other people on this website that worked with it. Not all visions will be correct because the future is always changing. My theory is that you can only see the future that will most likely happen.

For empathy (I'm guessing here for I don't have this particular gift), try to sense the emotions more. Feel them inside of your body as if they were your own. Also, try to feel people that are normally out of your range.

For intution, just go with it. Listen to it and if it tell you something, respond to it. Feel what it wants it to do as if it were your own and follow it. It's hard to explain and I don't really know how to.

I have the same connection (I think) to everything alive that you do. I can sometimes feel as if it is a part of me and sense its energy. I can connect with it at levels that aren't normal (I think) and interact with it.

I don't know if psychics are attracted to each other but, like you, a couple of my friends are psychics because they told me. I have told one of them but not the other. I don't think so because technically, everyone is psychic. I think that we just feel that someone else has realized it and works with their gifts.

Here's one thing that I know for sure: there are no such things as coincidence. Everything happens for a reason; that person just has to understand why.

Meditation will also help stregthen your gifts and help you think better. Sit somewhere quiet for about 5 to 15 minutes a day or so and just clear your mind. Listen to the things around you but quiet your mind to where your thoughts don't pass through. Young psychics generally conentrate on their breathing to help them focus and let their thoughts float away.

Anyone can learn to control anything that they want. There are no restrictions on life but that is the illusion that many people have put up. It is how citizens are submissive and do as their superiors say.

I have learned a lot over this website. Maybe you should stick around a while and read other people's posts and comments.

Hoped this helped. Anyone can help you if you look.
DreamRider (1 stories) (4 posts)
10 years ago (2011-06-29)
thanks that makes me feel better. Does anyone still know if a person can have multiple abilties but each one is kind of weak?
pandalady (1 stories) (10 posts)
10 years ago (2011-06-29)
Hi Kamimexvight, yes it helped thanks very much. Hope to hear from you again.
KamiMexvight (3 stories) (6 posts)
10 years ago (2011-06-29)
i can relate with some of these abilities you have and you don't even have to be wiccan to have these abilities so of course you can learn how to control your abilities ^^ hope this helped

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