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I Believe What my Dreams Try to Tell Me


I had a dream once in high school where I caught my best friend and my boyfriend having sex. The odd thing was he was wearing his football gear and she was wearing her marching band uniform. Complete with flute. He was dirty like, as if he had played a game. Then, a few days later, I went to visit my girlfriend. She wasn't home. Got her notebook to write her one of those "I was here but you weren't" note. And the first page I opened up to is the one where those two had written notes back and forth trying to figure out how they were going to tell me about them. It was freaking freaky.

Ever since then, I believe what my dreams try to tell me. I also had many dreams before I met my husband, I would be with this no faced man with a baseball cap on. My dream would be so soothing and good, it was hard to wake up out of it. It was the days I'd sleep until like noon too. Believe it or not, but my husband does. A man who always wears his ball cap. He was bald before I met him.

There are several more dreams I've had come true. Sometimes I dream of the same several houses over and over again. There's one that I always dream of. Sometimes I am in the house and can't get out or I am out of it and cannot get in it.

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bad6911 (guest)
16 years ago (2007-11-26)
I just want to share my story with you all too. I recently had to move out of my old apartment and break some ties with my old roommate. We lived in a two bedroom apartment and always had his girlfriend over. They decided to get married and were going to califorinia to get wed there. They told me the same day they were leaving that they were going to bring their mother (mother-in-law) back from Cali to live in the house. I was pretty confused, I wasn't sure if they were only playing around or if it was true.
They were going to be gone from Friday until Sunday night when they would come back from California. So I started looking for another apartment on saturday, I found two places and told them to wait until sunday. On Sunday, I was still kind of wondering if they were really doing what they'd say they'd do. I couldn't call them because 2 days before their trip they blocked my phone number. I went to sleep that sunday afternoon with a question on my mind before I went to sleep, asking if I should go or I should just wait it out.
The dream was weird, it started off with me walking through a house and walking straight for my roommate and his now, wife, and asked him if they were for real when they said they would be bringing back the in-law. My roommate said yes, what are you waiting for? I woke up right after he said that, packed my stuff and left the house. I got a message from him that same night with his wife, mother in-law, and some kids in the background.
Even though it might not sound as serious for any of you. It was a serious crossing point in my life, it allowed me to trust myself more, sometimes, the only true answer comes to you when you learn to trust yourself.
CVT6702 (15 stories) (111 posts)
16 years ago (2007-11-21)
Quite often dreams are a guide in the Spirit World ratting someone out on earth that is doing things to you behind your back.
They can also tell us in dreams about danger in our path such as accidents and or health problems and all of this is so we know and can take action.
Dreams help us take advantage of good things in our future and help us avoid disasters and that's what are Guides do and sometimes the only way they can get our attention is to come to us in dreams.
kara (guest)
16 years ago (2007-11-21)
I've had dreams like that also. My ex-husband fooling around with his ex-wife. One morning her hair picece and gloves where on our table. On the phone her number and her moms also. Late that night after I was sleeping,"dreaming of them".
Unknown (guest)
16 years ago (2007-11-21)
Coool, I love knowing I'm not crazy when I hear stories from other psychics

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