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Seeing Lots Of Children


One night after I felt very well sad I went to sleep and had a dream I thought it was normal a girl with long blonde hair and bright green eyes was standing in front of me with nothing in the back ground. I was curious because she was so young and was just staring at me with a sad look. I asked who she was and she gave a smile and that's when my dream ended, normally I would think nothing of it but that day in math class I sat in the very back row and I felt someone lightly tap my shoulder, turning my head a little I saw no one and then in my other ear it got ice cold and I heard a small voice shout a name, Sarah and then I lost my sight for a little while and in the door way of the room I saw the girl in my dreams who's name I now think is Sarah. For the next few nights I had similar dreams but with different kids one night was siblings and the same thing happen in my math class I felt the tap and then names being shouting into my ears the names were Liz and Peter they had red hair and brown eyes along with this little boy named Chris who has brown hair and green eyes. The last few nights I had a dream were I was in an old time library where I met two knew kids and the same things happen there names were Nate and Jasper. After all of the kids were now in my heads and when I sit down and am doing nothing I feel cold spots and hear children playing up stairs. Sometimes I can hear them during school and when I'm trying to get to sleep. I am fine with knowing these spirits or maybe it is my imagination but either way I want to know what you think.

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Panhil (4 stories) (79 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-05)
The first connection with the young girl could have been coincidently. When you contacted her you opened up the door and I guess she brought her friends. Then again it may be other ghosts just appearing to you as children. As WildRoseFlow_r said it might be their hair and eyes that they want you to link up with an older version of themselves.

WildRoseFlow_r (15 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-24)
It seems like they wanted you to concentrate on their hair and eyes. As you repeatedly said this. It could be a message from what kids are, or how you see kids, or that kids want you to see them as pretty, or their unique traits for some reason, and that they are colorful. You must have an affinity with kids. It seems like you are ok with it, maybe it is a message a helpful and angelic one that tells you you have a talent with kids. Teaching kids. As you said you didn't mind knowing these spirits. If you want to look at them kindly and pursue it further, you could turn these ghosts into real kids in the future by helping children become real and sturdy in who they are. You are still young right, since you go to math class, so maybe in your future... ❤

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