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Saw My Future Boyfriend


Sometimes I get what does seem like "visions" of future events. This post is long, but if someone wants to read it through, I'd be very happy as there are a lot of questions I have, especially about the last part. So here it goes.

I have had many visions. One time I felt that an accident would happen at a particular subway station, and just a few hours later the trains were cancelled because someone had died getting hit by a train at that station.

Sometimes it's like I just "know" something that is going to happen, and usually this does happen later.

One of the more strong ones was actually a dream I had in 2005. I dreamed I was going to my mother's birthday and I was standing in her living room shaking hands with a woman I have never seen before. In the dream my mum had also rearranged the furniture.

Some weeks later I was going to that birthday, and then one of the guests was a woman I have never met before, she knew someone else that was there and my mum didn't know her either. I was shaking hands with her and I almost passed out! She looked exactly like in my dream, her height, hair color and length, clothes, where we were shaking hands, and my mum had rearranged the furniture just like in my dream, but I didn't know she had when I had the dream.

Other times I get something that is a bit difficult to explain, it seems more like daydreams or fantasies, because I'm aware and I'm affecting them. But several of them has come to pass on a later stage as well. The way I am affecting them is through my feelings, I will try to explain. I can for example "see" some guys, and I have a certain interaction with them. It's usually a lot of feelings associated with those "visions". In one case I had a crush on a guy (in real life), and in the image I was meeting him and some friends of his. In the image there was a guy that was a bit skinnier than the one I had a crush on and I somehow wanted to be with him instead, I "saw" that we had a much better chemistry than I had with my crush. It's like I felt better with the feelings I got with him, so I started to imagine me talking to him instead. Well, later in real life I got to know some friends of my crush (we were never together) and one of them I had an amazing chemistry with. Actually at this point I had found out that my crush was very different than I thought he would be. That puzzled my for a bit, because I had consciously pushed that image by following my feelings. So it's like a "predicted" my future feelings with those guys lol. Although there was mutual attraction he was going to move away, so nothing could happen, but in my "vision" it was more about what I was going to feel, I didn't see us getting together.

But I want to share another one as well. Many years ago I was at home talking with my mum. My mum has always had this ideas about what kind of partners her children would have, and she said mine would have eyes that were deep (whatever that meant lol). I tried to imagine it, but wasn't able to. Then some hours later I suddenly got this image of me with a guy. We were sitting close together, and I saw his appearance very well. He was wearing a coat, had medium build body, dark hair and was wearing glasses. This surprised me a bit because normally I would imagine myself being with an actor or something if it was just a fantasy, and I'm normally not attracted to guys that has that appearance like I saw. But still he was somewhat attractive. I also had a feeling about how the relationship would be, it felt really stable and secure, very comfortable. But almost too boring as well, although it was good. I could trust him. He seemed intelligent, stable an serious. But later in that vision we weren't together anymore. I had a fast feeling that this break up had more to do with him than me, but I think my pride got in the way and it's like I decided "no, I was the one to leave". Then there was another guy involved, but I'm not sure if I was with that guy, or if it was just a friend. It seemed like I wanted to be together with the first guy again, so I "chose" to be with him (but at this point in the vision I had started to think too much so it affected it, I have always imagined myself being with a dark haired guy, not a blonde one, and I think that made me affect things).

Well, many years later I met my first boyfriend. This was last year. We dated for about 5 months and serious in 3 of those 5 months. Since I was with him during the winter he was wearing a black coat just like the guy in the vision, he had glasses, medium build, dark hair and our relationship was very comfortable and natural. I remembered the vision when we were together, and I realized that it must have been the same guy, everything was the same! But we broke up. It was in a way a mutual break up, he was uncertain about us and I couldn't handle that. I had been thinking about breaking up too, but for all the wrong reasons, and I didn't really want to loose him. But in a way he was the one to break up and afterwards it was a lot of back and forth, but he decided to date others even if I wanted to be with him. And I have been so sad after the break up, but I'm almost totally over it now. Well, I can't claim that I "saw" the break up in the vision and how sad I'd be afterwards, but now I'm wondering about the next part of my vision. Who that other guy is. I didn't really see him well, but he had lighter hair than the first guy in the vision. But in the vision we seemed to have a strong mental connection, almost more than with the first guy, but it seemed erratic and unstable. So I have started to wonder if I really did see the future and that maybe I will get together with a guy like that, but if I do and everything about the vision comes to pass, then we'll break up because I in the vision got back together with the first guy. I'm wondering if me and my ex will reunite because of the vision, but I also know that I was thinking too much in the vision and it's like I couldn't go back to him right away. What do you think? I have a weird feeling around my ex, but I have no idea if we will get back together, and its not healthy to think like that since he is currently with someone else. We had a lot of problems, but those problems had to do with timing, it was my first relationship and I didn't know what to expect, he had just got out of a relationship etc. In real life I just had a fall out with a guy friend that wants more than friendship, but I don't. I have been wondering if it could be him I saw, but I have no idea.

Sorry for the long post lol, I guess I just had to get it out there. I feel lost about what will happen now. I even had a feeling when I was like 15 that I'd meet someone last year, and well I did but I really thought it would be a lasting relationship.

I've also been able to read someone's mind before, but it has only happened with one girl and we did a meditation together, so I haven't been able to do it again. I've also remote viewed someone once lol. I saw a friend in his bed room with a headache, and the day after he confirmed this and also gave me a pic of the bedroom lol, freaky!

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Eagleclaw (386 posts)
13 years ago (2011-10-04)

It seems to me that pictures & feeling are connected to your abilities. Keep up the great work. So, you experienced your first relationship. Don't feel bad because it had ended. Now you know to raise the bar higher when looking for a new relationship. And, don't go back to that guy. He had his chance with you. It's time to move on. Anyone who cares for another would never let them go. Remember that. Never go back to someone who has let you go. You are entitled to have a great relationship with someone who wants to be with you as long as possible. Follow your instincts.
slirpie125 (2 stories) (21 posts)
13 years ago (2011-10-03)
Three is a holy symbol... Just thought I'd share that =)

the_k (38 posts)
13 years ago (2011-10-03)
i have visions to but, every thing happens in them the way I dream them, its almost like the feeling of De ja vu. The way they happen to me though is almost demonic like in the way they happen, what I mean by that is things happen in 3's 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months.

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