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People already think I'm a freak. It's overwhelming & sometimes embarrassing. It has, at times, crippled me from being the person I want to be. It's not always bad. I've learned to use it but lack understanding about it. I call it my alarm or my "spidey senses". I pick up vibes from people, can look at pictures & sense the darkness, I know what they are thinking at times & I hear voices when I'm falling asleep. I see things. Been awaken at night & I feel they wake me to inform me. Once awake I immediately know what is going on, why they were here. Having all this going on is hard because I'm a mom of five. I've been mean to my sweetie lately & have been very rude to him. I can't tell him why. It's an invasion of his privacy. This irritates me. Why can't I shut out the vibes when I need to? When I think about it I wouldn't want anyone in my own private business. I can't shake it, I try to run from it. How do you go about being in a relationship when you know something & they think you have no clue? Is it an invasion of privacy? The vibes are so strong at times it's almost like I can see them. Like the vibes are waves & I literally get sick from the motion of them. Big & strong sometimes like an ocean would move in a storm. I had to walk out of the house yesterday because of them. I don't call myself psychic but some do. My sister & father are the same way as my grandmother, dad's mom. Does anyone know of a practice to put in place when I don't want to know things? I'm not sure if it even matters because these vibes can break anything down when they are strong enough. The voices at night can be scary too. I get some pretty nasty things trying to come through so I REALLY try & shut down. It's kind of like I'm in a room with a lot of people talking to me at once. I'm in the middle of the room & they surround me so the voices are coming from every angle. If anyone can give me some advice what to do I'd appreciate it. I know this thing of mine is not going anywhere. I just wish I had help mastering it so I can live in peace during the times when they are the strongest. When it gets like that I'm a frantic mess & can barely function. This past week into the weekend my spidy senses were haywire & full alert. I hate when they get crazy on me like that!

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Shenny (1 stories) (5 posts)
10 years ago (2011-10-11)
Hi prettypetunia, you're a medium pure and simple but first and foremost you need to learn how to shut out spirit and when to tune in. You're always 'open' as we call it in the trade. Do you know anything about the chakras? If not, learn, because you can close your chakras and therefore shut off all these feelings and voices. I've mentioned this to someone else, google psychic protection and read everything you can about mediumistic ability. It's a wonderful gift and can change your life wonderfully if you choose to use it correctly and with integrity but it can also cripple you if you don't know what you're dealing with. The nasty voices you are hearing will be negative spirit, they operative on a vibration not much higher than ours so you need to raise your vibration in order to avoid them. There are lots of psychic development books on the market and a load of information on the internet, if I can help you at all just let me know.
WanderingWayne (4 stories) (107 posts)
10 years ago (2011-10-10)
My mom was a little bit psychic and reading your post just reminded me of something that happened when I was a kid. I was upstairs with the doors shut. No way for my mom to know what I was doing. I was going to burn something or melt some plastic, I don't remember what now. I took a match out of a book of matches and had just lit it when mom yelled up the stairs, "Put that match out."

There's no way she could of smelled that match. She just knew I had lit one. Maybe she saved me from burning down the house or worse, maybe it was motherly love looking out for me.

I took reiki form a woman who said she was so empathic that she had trouble going out in public. She was bombarded by everyone's emotions to the point she was having trouble coping in any kind of group of people. She took a reiki class and said the reiki was a very calming influence for her. Almost at once she got a "grip" on herself. It helped me at a time when I was going through some weird stuff also.

There is training for all kinds of healing modalities that might help you. In looking through these things you might find something that "fits" or you may stumble on someone who can help you.

I am surprised at the amount of information on this kind of thing on the internet. Science is more and more acknowledging that these things are real too. Scalar energy can be measured with scientific instruments for amount and frequency. To much to sort through for sure.

Reiki is real and I think it would be helpful to you to be attuned to reiki. It may be a place to start from which you can find other helpful things also.

You'll meet people who sure aren't going to tell you your a freak. Reiki people are very helpful and nice as a general rule and all have experienced dramatic things that have lead them in that direction. They can be a great support group.

Good luck.
Shanna (16 posts)
10 years ago (2011-10-09)
My experiences, what I have learned.

I have chosen to give people their privacy.
Of course I can ask them if they want to talk about things if I feel that there is a problem, but you can't force them to talk about it.
Respect their wishes. If people don't want to talk, it is their responsibility and their problem. I have learned that if I don't give people that right, it is an invasion of their privacy and very rude. So give people the right to make decisions over their own life. Of course this is different with children if you are the parent.
Kids are kids, and very sensitive, so they'll feel it if you are hiding something.
Also I say to the person if he/she doesn't want to talk, that they can ALWAYS come to me, and that they know that I'll be there for him/her. So I still give them a good feeling that they can always come to me, and I give them room, so it's easier for them to come to me, so I can help them.

About not being able to shut things out. I project a very strong barrier around me. A pyramid works for my mom, and an energy bubble works for me. Also, if for some reason things come through (because I let my guard slip, or it's just too chaotic, etc) I picture unpenetrable walls dropping down, so cutting EVERYTHING out. I feel empty when I do that, but it works. Also when "things" keep attacking my bubble, keep trying to get through to me, I put them in a bubble of their own. They cannot break it, it is simply impossible, and they can "scream, pound etc." all they want, but it doesn't bother me anymore. About the bubble I put them in, it's self sustaining, so it doesn't cost me effort or energy. I do have to sustain my own bubble, and I (!) decide what can come through. It is MY bubble of protection and they have nothing to say/do in that matter, simple as that. Though it is hard to gain that confidence, I admit and warn.
Have that trust in yourself! If I can do it as a 19y old that feels everything from the whole world, you can do it too!

I hope you'll see this and you'll find it helpful.
prettypetunia (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2011-10-04)
Thank you. I do take the times out because I don't want to be stretched to thin but at times that does happen. I really don't approach him with what I know because he is acting the same way he usually does, except I know a little more than I let on. There is nothing out of the ordinary with his actions. I just know what he thinks I don't. I do have a wonderful family life & much love. It's just the "privacy" issue I am doing my best to respect. You're so right about not taking it personal & I do try. I should try harder by not being judgemental & not being so mean. But I'm not "stretched seven ways to Sunday" as you stated. I think the best thing I can do is turn those vibes the other way & just remember that I, too, fall.
AnneV (4 stories) (1063 posts) mod
10 years ago (2011-10-04)
What mother of five won't be frazzled!? Give yourself a break. Women in general are more sensitive than men, and it's even more so as a mother. You have to be.

If you have a significant other (termed "sweetie" here) then you should be able to discuss this with them. There are ways to word this without seeming like you're climbing into their head. But first and foremost, refrain from being judgmental. Sure you can perceive things from other people, thoughts even, but if you come at it from the angle of love, then there is little to worry about. For example, "Sweetie, is everything okay? I get the sense that you seem upset right now over X (insert whatever). Can I help? Would you like to talk?" This is different than, "You vibes are freaking me out, making me sick and I don't like them." I'm not saying you're approaching this this way, but even if it's mentally, it's going to put duress on your relationship and with your children and cause more harm than good.

So what if you're called a freak? By whom, adult bullies? Bullies start out in first grade, physically grow up, but often still are little bullies in big bodies. See them for what they are; ignorant and fearful people that attack others to seemingly protect themselves. I personally do not make my identify or value based on what someone else says of me. I love who I am and if that's a "freak" well that's great. I look at the so called "normal" people blindly going through life, staying numb and naive and I'll take freak over this any day.

The bigger issue here is your personal dynamics with the people around you. You don't need to be full blown psychic to feel, as you say, some "pretty nasty" things coming your way. Really? If so, you need to look at why they are in your life at all. You should be treated with love and respect by both your partner and your family and if you're not getting that, then some boundaries might be a good idea. My home is full of love and I'm not less psychic than you. A woman who loves herself sets out to love those around her but ask the same in return. However, we can't control the people we work with but we can control our thoughts about them. To not take things so personally. If we rise and fall with every thought that comes our way with us, well, you see what happens. A virtual roller coaster.

I have no idea if you can time some time-outs on your own (bubble baths, sit by the fire, read quietly, paint, etc.) but I think some of this is one woman stretched seven ways to Sunday. Be sure to care for yourself so you aren't so susceptible to chaos in your life. Seek peace, surround yourself with love, and let those go who refuse to honor you and help you evolve to the next level. Even if it's just listening to some calming music while the kids study or play might help. There were ten people in my family and I know how good it is to have those special time-outs.

Hope this helps.

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