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Weird Visions, Vibes With An Ex Boyfriend


Last year I started dating a guy (high school) . Sure we had things in a and have good times, but most of times I kept getting vibes around him. Bad ones. I would always feel down/sleepy/drained around him. It was weird. And also kept having visions of him choking me to death (in a bed room at night, seemed pretty clear in my mind). I don't know why. I was calm about it whenever it came into my head. But it made no sense to me. I never told him any of this. But eventually we broke up. But this still left me wondering why I felt that way around him and why I kept having those visions. I don't have those visions anymore. I don't feel drained either, but I'm guessing its because we aren't around each other anymore. This has never happened to me before. Only with him.

Can anyone make sense Of this experience for me please?

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Zin (guest)
11 years ago (2013-07-10)
I would say it was more of a warning. I say this since, in the past before I broke up with my ex-girlfriend I had dreams of her cheating on me. This continued for a week before I finally investigated and found out what was happening. You see dreams can warn you of things that are not right, and in this case I would say this dream was just that. Most likely, here, this dream was stating under the current rate of things, something bad would most likely come forward. As for me, I have looked more closely towards my dreams, while some are just dreams I have found others to be so much more.
lilylove (3 stories) (362 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-09)
It could have been that he was a person with negative energy.
Positive and negative energy don't interact well. People with Negative energy sometimes drain people of their positive energy.
His negative energy would have made you feel the way you felt when you were with him.
Some people call people like that psivampire because they drain energy from people.

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