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Premonitions, Shadows, Feelings, And Vibes


I am a 18 years old and struggling with whether or not I have had premonitions or am an empath. I believe I have certain psychic abilities but I don't understand them. Since a young age I've heard stories of both my Grandmother and Mother having " premonition dreams". Dreams of things that happen in the future. People that they'd never seen before (who they'd sometimes later figure out) would come to them and warn them of things, all of which would later occur for real. They always assumed that because it's been passed down I, too, would receive this ability. They both said it came to them full force around age 16.

I waited, but the dreams never came. Instead, from a very young age I experienced very strange premonitions/feelings but in a conscious, present state. I can recall being very young and having nightmares late at night, nearly every night. When I'd wake up in terror I'd see dark shadows of things that seemed to really be there. Specifically one night, I yelled for my father to come to my room because I was scared. I thought I saw his shadow enter my room, talk to me, tell me everything was okay-among other things. And then things got cloudy and suddenly the same exact conversation occurred and I realized that shadow wasn't really my father, as he had just entered the room while I had this second conversation. He was confused as I was asking him why he was repeating himself and I didn't understand what happened. Now that I've gotten older this has gone away. But, every once in awhile it will happen but in a less cloudy manner. Like a very intense deja vu.

Another major thing I've noticed is the weird feelings I get before certain events occur. Hours before my best friend went to the hospital I had intense anxiety and a sick feeling in my stomach as though something bad was going to happen. I couldn't explain it but it was overwhelming to the point that I was shaking and the first thing my mind said was something bad is going to happen. Later, I knew in my gut the feeling was due to the events that later transpired.

As well, when people pass away I get a very strange feeling. Days before, or as it's happening I get a very sick feeling in my stomach and get very sad. I tend to cry uncontrollably but don't understand why I'm crying. Of course during that time I don't know that someone is going to pass away but, every time, I can later equate it to their passing. Though I don't understand why this happens. I can also immediately tell when someone is lying to me, or exaggerating things. With that, I always know exactly what the truth is. I get very strong vibes and know what people think of me or are feeling in that moment almost 100% of the time. But it's such a natural thing that I don't even realize it's happening. I just know and it's a gut feeling. My mind just says it. Anyone experience the same things? Or know what exactly I identify with?

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ragefan (4 posts)
11 years ago (2013-03-21)
same here I get the gut feelings and I see aura but since I was baby I used to talk to shadows they protected me I even used to play with them and so much more but some people arnt as fourtunate so bad shadows are attracted to them but when I do see bad spirits/shadows I get rid of them sometimes with psychic attacks I have developed
LittleSoki (1 stories) (9 posts)
11 years ago (2013-03-20)
Dude, I completely feel you. Although I have had weirder experiences, this basically sums me up. For instance, right now I have that feeling in my gut. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about and it's not fun. I know that I am physic and can see the future most of the time. Ha. Just talking about this makes my hairs stand up. Anyway, I can tell if people are lying but I can basically see their aura and get feelings from them. Like what they are feeling at that time and such. Also, I'm only 15. Gonna be 16 soon but not yet. I used to have a friend who was like me and we tried to figure this all of together. Sadly, her and I have stopped being friends for some reason I don't understand. I feel so lost right now too. At least you're parents talk to you about it. It's taboo to talk about it in with mine. And I see dark shadows too. And sometimes full people. And... Something else. I can only explain it as this dark dark DARK shadow that looks like a comet on the ground zooming around my house. Now that is freaky to see. So yes. I get those feelings too and can identify haha.

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