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My Story Since Birth


I've had feelings throughout my life that all was not what it seemed, chills that felt like fingers glide down my back or dreams that take my breath away. It really all started in 2002 when my grandfather died, when me and my brother were told to leave the room I hit the floor with the deepest feel of despair that overwhelmed me. A week later me my mother my sister and grandmother all had the same dream of my grandfather all in different points of views. Well a year ago I was staying at my fiances house before we were together, I was sleeping on the couch when I awoke to a woman at my feet in a spring or summer dress. Not a month ago I was walking through the house when a beam of light caught my eye and I backed up to see it again and it had vanished. The same day maybe 2 to 3 hours later I was walking prom our computer room and saw another beam of light coming from the ceiling. Now for the latest, tonight on march 19 2013, I saw a figure of a woman sitting on my neighbors front steps, I do not know if she was there or not but I felt that all to knowing chill down my spine. I have also had dreams of native american's, its usually the same dream. I'm walking through a grove of trees and meet the first native. Farther down I meet a chief and then we go to the river and swim until I see a otter and a beaver playing with each other, then we enter a cave mouth were I get snagged by something and the two natives grab me and plung me into the water. What does this mean?

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Bberry (6 stories) (29 posts)
11 years ago (2013-03-20)
hmmm... Maybe your grandfather has something he wants to tell you. Sorta like a message, maybe? And who knows if the girl was connected to him. Goodluck though. 😳

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