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Weird Vibes Off People


I'm 16 years old and I'm really sensitive, have dreams that come true and can feel other feelings from people. Right now I'm going through a not very nice time (heartbroken) I already knew it was going to end, when my mums grandad died 2 weeks ago I cried, I wasn't even close to him but I cried because I could feel my mum's grandmas feelings and what she was feeling.

I have weird vibes off people, I know who's bad and good (I stay away from the bad ones) this morning I woke up but I wasn't awake, I could move my legs and everything, I tried screaming out for help but all I could see was a White ceiling and the number "60" in a red colour. I was scared when I woke up, it was like I was being lifted higher out of my body, I've had dreams like this before however it could be related with my stress and worries- (also I have strong feelings off people I don't know and even family) I see white orbs and coloured ones around my family members and at school around teachers, they are small and glow quite a lot at times I feel disorientated and disconnected within myself, what's that all about? I'm at a time in my life where I feel really confused, I've been told by other psychics that I have abilities and I should use them. At one time I had a dream that I was coming out of my body and the angels were calling out for me and all I could see was a bright light, I was terrified but I know my angels protect me and I carry a purple stone with me, I forgot the name but it does help and relax me.

Does anyone else get these similar experiences? Or some kind of psychic ability, back in January I had a dream of my family crying over a death but it happened in October when my mums grandad died, I write all my dreams down and how I'm feeling each day so I can go back and see what's going on with me. I am quite spiritual and I believe in god (I'm Sikh) I'm used to doing prayers everyday and feel very close to my god.

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Bberry (6 stories) (29 posts)
10 years ago (2012-02-10)
I've never been in from this power, but I've heard of it. YES you do have a psychic ability. Ask other people if they know something about this. And the number "60" relates to Satan.Well, Looks like Satan is taking you away from God. 😕

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