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A Life Time Of Strange


Ever since I can remember I have had unexplained happenings. I grew up in the same house with my adoptive parents and my twin brother. Since the age of 7 or 8, maybe even younger, I can remember being very un-easy in the house. One of the memories I remember the most was the shadow of a man with hunched shoulders and he would walk across our front porch and then would go back across.

A number of occasions I would be terrified because it would be dark and there would be 2 shadows standing in the bathroom or a woman sitting beside me on my bed. My brother experienced the man across the porch and he also had horrible night terrors which doctors never said why. In that house I always had horrible nightmares and strange sounds and just felt something negative. Still to this day I feel something in that house. My 3 year old son has mentioned seeing a ghost which isn't something most 3yr olds say.

It seemed like every apartment or house I moved into something was always happening. Most recently I moved into a house and as soon as I did things were happening that they said never happened. The downstairs door I would hear slam shut and what sounded like someone banging up the stairs but no one would be there. So we moved into another house and things were flying off the shelves and I was getting poked in the sides and I got shoved on the shoulder. I was laying in bed one night and had a flash image in my head of my boyfriends grandfather. I later found out that he was following me because he wanted answers but he would never ask and I tried to tell him it was ok to ask. He was a very stubborn man, which I think made him do more things to get our attention than your average spirit, but I did never feel like he was evil.

So, I spoke with a woman who is a medium, who told me that I was a medium and that I was terrified about it. I would either have to develop it and open up or cut it completely. Things are still happening but I cannot control what happens and I would really love to help others reconnect to passed loved ones. She told me I could call her anytime but I could never get a hold of her again. My entire life I have grown up with strange things happening and everyone telling me it isn't real or that I was nuts but I never believed them. I would really love to use any gifts I do have to bring some peace to others and even myself.

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