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Was This A Precognitive Dream?


Last night, I had a dream that my mother was standing in my bedroom talking to her friend, Tati, on the phone. I asked her to take the call somewhere else because I was very tired and was having a hard time falling asleep because of her call. She told me that my bedroom was the only room in the apartment that had phone reception and that she really needed to speak to her friend. I recall being very tired and irritated.

Suddenly, I was awakened from my dream by a ringing phone. Half asleep, I answered it expecting to hear my mother's voice on the other end (she calls me every morning to make sure I am up), but instead it was Tati (from the dream) asking me for my mother's number. She apologized for calling so early and that she wanted to try and catch me before I left for work. I was listening to her voice and was irritated that she had called so early. I was tired and didn't have to get up for another half an hour. I haven't spoken to this women in over 8 months and she was the last person I expected to hear on the other end of that call.

I don't have a close relationship with her and rarely speak to her on the phone. I give her my mom's number and fell back asleep. A few minutes later my mom calls me (scheduled morning call) and I tell her about the story. It blows my mind. Could this have be a precognitive dream? I don't know what to take from this. Could it be a coincidence? It doesn't feel like it to me. The chances are so low that she would call me so early in the morning. This is my first experience like this.

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Fergie1 (7 stories) (35 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-30)
Hi kai0206, I am so sorry, but I think this was plain co-incidence. If this was your only experience in life of something 'wierd' happening, I think you should wait and look for another 'sign'! I wish you luck! 🤔

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