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Past Lives?


This happened to me on Saturday in a restaurant last weekend. I just went out with my friends as usual we noticed there was a man following us, when we came to the restaurant the man sat really far away from us "watching" us then he just came to us and said: "Hey don't I know you from a past life?" We all were kind of shocked mostly my friends because they don't believe in past life. Then he touched my shoulder and started looking kind of scared he said: "God you are that psycho!" and went away. Of course we were thought he was the psychopath at first but I remember a girl but I have never seen her before I have had her in my memory for years now as long as I can remember. She has long black hair, she doesn't look older than 17 and wears a kind of "straight jacket" and for some reason she doesn't look "human" I'm not saying she is a demon because I don't have a religion but you could say she has a "demon" like aura. I remembered her at the moment he said "psycho" for some weird reason. The weird thing is that I have had her on my mind as long as I can remember but I have never seen he so she is not a spirit or entity she is just in my mind and she never changes, I always see her the same way it's like a fixed memory on my mind and I know I didn't make her up because there is no way I would have known what a straight jacket was when I was 3 and if I made her up her clothes, hair, face etc. Would change to the way I think now right? So who is she?

I mean the weird man said he knew me from a past life but I don't remember a thing from my past lives. And he called me psychopath that would mean I was the girl with the straight jacket? But it couldn't be if she isn't human right? I just want to know what that weird man meant and who she may be.

Thank You

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