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Seeing 312 Everywhere


As a child, I've been told by everyone that I have the gift of prophecy through my dreams. I've dreamt of future events and I've had loved ones that have passed away come to me to warn me about things. I still mis-interpret some of my dreams but the older I get, the better I am at analyzing them. In late 2009, I had a dream two nights in a row. My grandfather (passed away when I was 7) came to visit me & expressed extreme concern regarding my father. The first dream showed the death of my grandmother (whom died in a hospital and I was not present for it at all but my mother was.) I saw every detail and it seemed like it was through my mother's eyes. The second dream, my grandfather, my dad and I met in the middle of a baseball field (my father played baseball as a youth) and my grandfather tells me " Sweet child, your father will not change his ways and you will have to accept this and just be with him through his trials to come." My father starts arguing with my grandfather about random things, and my grandfather becomes saddened and starts shaking his head.

The 3rd night, my mother calls me (was living out of state at the time) and tells me that my father was rushed to the ER with respiratory failure. He was diagnosed with COPD. With diet and exercise a lot of his issues could've been reversed or controlled but he wouldn't change. I moved back home to take care of my father (I'm a medic) and help my mother. Until late February 2011, I saw the numbers " 312" EVERYWHERE all the time. I would wake up at 3:12 a.m on a regular basis, there would be " 312 miles until empty " on the gas in my vehicle. I would have $3.12 in my bank account or in my pocket. Gas Prices 3.12 a gallon, whatever the circumstance I saw it everywhere, all the time. I continued to have dreams also, my grandfather seemed like he was trying to prepare me for something intense.

In February 2011, I had this dream, very vivid in nature. In my dream, my mother comes to me and tells me my father is having trouble breathing (which is normal for COPD, and he was on oxygen) so I get up and go check on my father and administer his medicines like I would normally. All of a sudden, in my dream, my father collapses, I start cpr and my mother calls 911. He is rushed in the ambulance to the ER, my mother and I follow behind (I know everyone in the ER and on the EMS units because I worked both) to the ER. We get there, a close friend meets us at the door and walks with us in to the " quiet room " (where family of serious patients go and wait for a doctor to come in and talk to them.) The doctor enters the room and tells me that my father passed and resuscitation efforts were unsuccessful. I cry hysterically and wake up. I told my mother about the dream.

March 6,2011 I had a long conversation with my father about where I was going in life. His eyes were the prettiest blue I'd ever seen before, I remember being mesmerized. That was the last heart felt conversation I had with my father. March 8, 2011 at 7am, my father passed away from a heart attack and followed my dream, from a month prior, to the very last detail. He woke up with trouble breathing, I gave him his meds, he collapses when his breathing worsens and starts experiencing chest pains. Everything happened from my dream. I tried to save him with CPR but was unsuccessful.

His memorial service was set for 3/12/2011 but my mother changed it to 3/11/2011 because I already told her about the numbers. I am still having vivid dreams but now my father is talking to me about my future and I am still seeing the numbers 312. I would love some incite please.

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luv2reaq12 (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-31)
Thank you for your replies, it means a lot to hear from others. 2 days before my father died I told him I wanted to join the Army as an Army Medic and he told me that He looked forward to seeing me go through with it. It is heart breaking that he won't physically be at my graduation but he is trying to be reassuring through my dreams. He has visited me several times in my dreams leading me in the right direction and I've listened. I should be going to MEPS this week, signing my contract and swearing in. I keep wondering if I will graduate around 3/12? I don't know. I'm still seeing the numbers though.
stephyw2001 (3 stories) (108 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-06)
That was a great story, I'm sorry to hear about your father. I am more happy though that you listened to your grandfather and stayed with him in his time of need.

It sounds like you know your future better than anyone on this site could help you with. I would expect that your dreams will answer your questions for you. ❤
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-06)
luv2reaq2 it appears to be your guide speaking to you.
Identified by the number 312.
You can also read: 3 for mother,father,you.
1 for You
2 to you.

Lookes like your dad is one of your guides.

My husband has had his father visit him in solid form
And speak to him about his future and at various times
During his life.

I have had my greatgrandfather tell me all would be
Ok with the eldest during a time of stress with her
Life. This is a man I never met for he died before I was born.

I have to say your story was very lovely.
Brought tears to my eyes.
One can see the truth and the struggles of life and
What touched me the most was that regardless of where
Your father was You loved and supported him
Unconditionally. So now he is recipicating with support for your future. It must be important.

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