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Worried Over Medium Visitation


Two days ago, my boyfriend's sister went to see a medium, feeling pretty skeptical not expecting to get much as she doesn't have many people close to her that have passed away. But the moment she walked into the reading the medium was taken aback by the fact she was surrounded by spirits.

He said to her that she was being followed by her aborted son (she had an abortion around two years ago) and that he was shouting Myra hindley at her, and also a girl was with her, who touches and scratches her face while she sleeps. He didn't really go into much more detail than this, apart from looking her dead in the eyes and saying " don't look in your rear view mirror again" when two days before she was reversing out of a car park and was sure she saw a face in the rear view mirror, but just dismissed it at the time.

She was also told other things about her other brother, who she has no contact with, saying that he's very mentally ill possibly schizophrenic and that he has been trying to commit suicide. All this among a few other things that seemed to ring true, and from what she said she did no leading or feeding during the session.

Really all I want to know is, was it right of him to tell her such horrible things? Because she and my boyfriend still live at home, and I'm here a lot and I'm scared out of my wits, and she's also very unnerved at this information. Does this medium sound credible? And if so do you think we have anything to be worried about?

There's never been any activity within the house that I would regard as evil or malicious, but there have been a lot of things that go a bit more than bump in the night such as electronics behaving of their own accord (to be specific a sat nav - not second hand - turning itself on with a destination set that had never been entered before) and a woman in white being seen on the landing. I've always put it down to energy from a residual haunting? Obviously I'm nowhere near an expert so I'm just going off things I've read about, but this "new information" seems to point another way, like it could make contact?

Anyway, I'd greatly appreciate some input on this from someone genuine, thanks!

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Becky666 (124 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-27)
i personally feel there is nothing to worry about however if such things continue I would recommend a blessing
Shantelle_21 (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-18)
Yeah, that's why I kind of felt he was saying these things to scare her, because that's hardly helpful advice it's almost like a taunt. What I meant by horrible things was the way in which he conveyed his messages. And she was just tagging along out of interest with a group of her friends. All their readings were private.

I kind of feel I must apologise for my lack of knowledge and understanding, after all its the things we know less about that scare us most of all. Though your message has given me some comfort and reassurance:), I think I've just seen one too many horror films lol. I will absolutely do my best though to send some positive energy their way.

Thankyou for taking the time to help me out:) Shantelle
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
11 years ago (2011-11-18)
It's kind of ridiculous to tell someone to never look in their rear view mirror again. A person has to do that to drive so I can't say that sounds logical or professional. What you don't mention here is why your boyfriend's sister went in the first place. If it was a general reading then it makes sense for him to report what he sees (in this case spirits). I don't think it was necessarily wrong of him to do his job and report what came to the surface. You say this is "horrible" but this is just her life. It is what it is.

Interesting comment on the aborted son. It reminds me of a near death experience where a woman crosses over and it is so beautiful that she wants to stay there forever. However, her unborn son sees her and is in agony because if she dies then he won't be born and his life path and plan had already been laid out so he begged her to return, which shoe does and she then later gets pregnant and has her son. So here this person your speaking of has interrupted the life path and plan of this boy, which is probably why he follows her around and is in some spiritual pain. I feel for both parties because now she knows this and has to live with that. And of course the other spirit is suffering too. Who knows the story about the little girl. Maybe she's another abortion from another life? If so, then it's the karmic lesson this girl has to learn to break the pattern. There are always consequences for our actions. This is how we learn and grow.

Personally, I would not be afraid of what is around that girl because one, this isn't you. Second, these are little children. So what if they don't have a physical shell? Sometimes kids on the other side don't even know what's going on and she could be scratching her to get her attention but if your boyfriend's sister is not conscious of it while she asleeps, she won't comprehend this and it could remain for the rest of her current incarnation.

Instead of fear which only brings the whole household even further down vibrationally, if you can, try and send these children love. Ask them to seek the light and move on.

As for other beings in the house, well, stuck souls are everywhere. We can only focus on being good ourselves and sending out positive feelings to those poor souls that are having a problem moving on. And let's also hope, and without judgment, for the light of consciousness to penetrate those that create karmic ties in the first place.

Thanks for sharing.

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