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I'm 13, a few years back, I remember either experiencing, or seeing an orange caravan pull up outside my house. Just recently I learned that my parents had an orange caravan, but about 20 years before I was born, how is this possible?

A few days ago now, I was talking about my dad arguing about this woman to my mum, they hadn't mentioned her in several months. However, just the night after I had said this, she was brought up again!

I also told my dad's friend about my grandpa smoking, even though I had never encountered my grandpa smoking a cigarette, as he stopped 2 years before I was born...

I think this is rather cool how I can see the past sometimes, I'd like to know more about this... If you may know what this is. Please write in the discussion, or email... I really want to know now!

Also, I hear and see things that my parents and friends don't see, is there and explanation to why this is? I've seen things in my house, but my friends never see them. It's confused me a bit, and I'm wondering if anyone could explain? Many Thanks. I'm really into all this stuff, and I'm dying to know what is is that is going on here, and understand it better. Please and thank you guys!

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MrE (1 stories) (168 posts)
9 years ago (2014-03-17)
Are you hearing voices, or having visions, associated with the sleep paralysis?
caitlinmooneyx (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2014-03-17)
I know its now 6 years later and I've somewhat lost the gift. I still have those memories and have found out more of them, please have a look at the post on this account, it goes into slightly more detail than 13 year old me did.

I am now encountering very vivid sleep paralysis also and am waiting for my story on that to be published.

Thank you all for your help. One person had mentioned that it may have been me being shown who my family were going to be before I was born?
SunderMic (3 stories) (123 posts)
15 years ago (2008-05-25)
yeah it is cool I can see the past and future but the annoying thing is I can't just get things just like that they come to me, which was annoying the other day cause I was talking and then I got a vision about the furture, so then I didn't get a word of what the person was saying. And then when I was watching tv it happened again and I don't even know the person that was in the vision.
Katie (guest)
15 years ago (2008-02-19)
hi I have seen the past and the future. I followed all the past when I was 2 years old that is why I knew a lot at that age and under stud everything! I guess you have a gift there I had some weird strange dream when I was 2 years old. A yellow van parked outside my house with all this colourful writing on! I still don't know why I had that sort of dream I guess maybe I find out 1 day or maybe never. 😊
womaninmymotherspjs (5 stories) (61 posts)
15 years ago (2008-01-05)
Hi! Um I have a simalar power. You see, I can see into my past life. I was a little girl and died at the age of 6. I died in a car accident and my family was abusive. But back to the point. Your seeing things and hearing things is a gift and don't let anybody tell you other wise. It's totally cool an you'll get used to it! Bye
hotandcold (5 stories) (218 posts)
15 years ago (2007-12-29)
all of this is remote viewing. Being able to see through things, being able to see actions from the past, and sometimes future, that nobody else can see. For example, I saw our old house owners walking about our house and still do, doing what they did when they lived here. And no, these people are most certainly not ghosts as I still know the family. They moved out 9 years ago.
I am 13 also, and I know how it feels when you see some strange things, unexplainable things, or something unexplainable happens to you.
If you want to chat about it, just write back. I will reply and answer any questions you might have the best I can, 😁
CVT6702 (15 stories) (111 posts)
15 years ago (2007-12-29)
yes I have the powers you have to look into the past and into the future and quite often I ask questions about many things and get answers when I am sleeping and when I am awake.
Sometimes you may see things you didn't ask for like accidents and deaths not only around you but throughout the World and its important to learn to take these things in stride and if you can prevent something do so and if you can't then there is nothing you can do about it.

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