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Sensing Spirits And Knowing Things Ahead Of Time


As a child I would hear or see spirits. Especially when I'm alone. These experiences would come and go through out my life. I always wondered why I'm the only one who experienced these strange occurrences. It never happened to anybody but me! I have to have a little light on when I sleep at night. Sometimes I would see apparitions that are cloudy, shadows, and now I see spirits with my mind it seems. I know immediately what they look like through my mind and surprisingly able to communicate or feel them through my mind. So now I'm realizing they communicate through one's mind! Am I crazy or what! Now that I'm becoming older, my so called powers are becoming stronger and now I can sense things that happened or know things in the future. It's like I sense them by feeling or hearing although I'm not there at that moment. Interesting experiences. The point is, I don't know how to handle these experiences. Seeing or knowing spirits are just right in the same room scares the begeebies out of me! Even when I try to meditate I can sense them and it scares me. I don't know how to handle communicating with them without them scaring me. Every since I can sense the spirits more, I know they give me the sense to know things ahead of time or things that happened in the past. Lately I have family member ask me questions about concerns they have and I'm usually right in my prediction in which surprises me. What is the next step? How do I strengthen my abilities without being scared so much?

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Becky666 (124 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-28)
calm yourself empty your mind and just breath for a minute or two you can do this multiple times a day and will help you relax

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