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I am not a writer so I will just list several precognitions I have in the past.

Case A. My father the traveler

My dad has traveled for a living so there has never been any fear of him not making it back home for a trip yet one day, after roughly 20 years of traveling I told him I was worried something really bad was going to happen to him, so I asked him to call me as soon as he got to his destination he assured me all was well and there was nothing to worry about. He made his destination and I asked him to call me the next day due to the ill feelings I had earlier stated this went on for another day and then I got a phone call from my mother stating my dad had a massive heart attack-luckily he survived.

That whole week was messed up. After my dad had his heart attack a childhood friend of mine committed suicide and a college buddy was killed by the police within in 5 days. I wonder if that trauma triggered something as I have had many dreams seeming to predict terrible events.

Case 2 my friends accident

Taking a nap after work I woke up in a panic because I dreamt my best friend got into a bad car accident. Upon waking I was still in a daze I asked my wife if this friend had called because in my mind he got into a bad accident. She said no he hadn't. So I called him immediately and asked him if he was ok. I told him about the dream He laughed it off and was dismissive of it. A week to the day he called me from the interstate. He was in fact in a bad accident yet survived.

Case 3 my ex-patient

I work with children in a hospital, typically I work with them from 6-9 month. On my way to work I had another deeply ill feeling about a patient of mine from the past. All I knew was that he had short dread locks. Well I had only worked with 2 patients in the past that had short dreadlocks. A week later I heard that one of my patients was killed the day I had my dream. I didn't connect the two until I saw the newspaper article with the picture of my ex-patient with short dread locks. He never had this hair do when I knew him.

Case 4 My friends Dad

Knowing one of my friends dad was battling cancer for years I dreamt that he died. Two days later she told me he died the morning of my dream.

Case 5 Co-worker

I had a dream that a buddy of mine that I work with was terminated. Although this came as a surprise to me because he is one of our top performers and has a great moral compass as well as spreads good staff morale. A month later he was terminated.

Case 6 Most recent case

A month ago I had another dream where a girl telepathically told me that one of my named bryan was going to get really sick. Since telling my inner circle of friends about the precognitions I have had they asked me to inform them if any of them are involved, so I facebooked the 3 bryans I know and told them about the dream. One of them blew it off. The other two thanked me for the warning. A week ago one of the bryans told me that he just got out of the hospital with a septic infection in his leg. He stayed in the hospital for 13 days. He then told me that it happened shortly after I made him aware of my dream.

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losdog77 (1 stories) (4 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-30)
Thank you AnneV. Two nights ago, in prayer before I went to sleep I took your suggestion and the dream I had was super vivid and took me for a wild ride. Nothing I noted seemed to be of a precognition but almost of an emotional lesson, of trust and strength in myself.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
11 years ago (2011-11-29)
So for these events in your dreams that play out and come true, where do you think they are happening? Two people can participate in a single "dream" and even go places together and return to discuss it so it is not in a single brain pan. It is in a realm that is vibrationally right next to us. After we die, we go to a different dimension. The name matters not and every religion has a name for where that place is. For me, it's the astral. Names aside though, we can pretty much gather that part of our experiences are on a different vibrational plane.

So you are conscious enough that you're able to remember part of your astral experiences (for you, "dreams"). But with some work, you can do much more with it than just be a bystander but that's up to you.

We think that our current ego (the part that consciously does the thinking and talking in the here and now) is all that we are. But we, like the different planes of existence are also multidimensional beings with lower selves and higher selves. Our higher self is what puts lessons in our path. It can create dreamscapes and life events for us to learn from. It knows our path even when we don't. You can learn to communicate with your higherself on a conscious level and even get an incredible two way dialog going. This is the premise of books like Conversations with God (a good book in my opinion).

When we don't consciously communicate with our higher self it still works to put things before us that will help us grow. In your case, you're having "dreams" that you don't even want to have but in that non wanting you are still having to question your own reality. And because of that--growth. Growth is often uncomfortable but that's why they call it growing pains. You're afraid of bad scenarios but bad scenarios are lessons disguised. You walk the earth path all the time potentially facing bad scenarios but you're now more evolved because of it. And no matter how you avoid something, if you are meant to endure the lesson, you will face it. Life and its lessons will find you.

I hope this helps.
losdog77 (1 stories) (4 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-28)
Thank you for your insight. I have always been a bit conflicted about the whole thing. I have mostly tried to supress it due to fear of being exposed to bad scenarios. I have never thought about asking to have these dreams. If I get up the nerve to try this I will have to post the results.

AnneV can you explain more of what you mean by astral projections and higher self?
Becky666 (124 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-28)
Thank you for sharing that is very interesting. Please feal free to contact me by email at
warrierprincess13 [at]
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
11 years ago (2011-11-28)
Dreams are probably the most common form of receiving psychic information. I always say that dreams are disguised astral projections and in the astral, time doesn't follow the same rules. We can move backward and forward even ask to see future events, which can be proven later.

I'm opposite of you. I don't dream of personal relations but world events. I'd be curious to see what you dream after asking your higher self before bedtime to show you some probable futures for the current world situation. If you do see something, please feel free to share here.


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