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Feels Like Insanity


Without getting into too great of detail, I've been different my whole life. My entire family has sort of been this way, but for some reason I seem to be (maybe stronger is the appropriate word?) stronger than they are. I've learned to accept and deal with the way I am (knowing things before they happen, seeing things I can't explain, empathizing, energy, etc.) I've even found a way to more or less control it by turning it off and on at my will, but lately everything has gone insane.

I met a man recently and I was getting along great with him. I found out shortly after the fact that he has this sort of "gift" as well and although he wasn't specific, I believed him being as different as I am. I never got into detail with him about my own abilities, preferring to keep that to myself, but I'm beginning to wonder if he isn't using his "gift" against me to control me.

I don't know if this is even possible, and I have absolutely no idea what he is capable of. While I am generally great at getting a "read" on people, I can't get a read on him to save my life. It's like he's just a little off and I can't figure it out. Almost like he's veiled. Or cloaked and I literally cannot sense a thing. It worried me at first but I chalked it up to bizarre and just moved on. He even gave me a bracelet to wear that used to belong to him so I would always remember him and I wore it all the time. It made me feel happy and I always thought of him, like constantly. In this nearly obsessive way which is not at all like me. I feel like I'm not in control of my emotions or anything when I am around him and it only gets worse. When I'm separated from him it feels as though it physically hurts and I can barely stand it. He is not my "type" at all, I don't understand why or how the heck I can possibly be feeling this way toward anybody. I know it is not normal, forget about healthy. To obsess and pine over anyone to such a degree.

I recently went to have reading done for me by someone I trust that has read for me many times. I was hoping she might be able to give me some insight into him but even she couldn't get a read on him. I was stumped and disappointed and when I came home I realized I had been wearing the bracelet he'd given me to the reading. I feel happy and stupid and mindless when I wear it and I can only think about him, but when I take it off I feel upset and disgusted with myself. One of my friends said she didn't like the way the bracelet "felt" and insisted I burn it. Since it could have some of his "energy" left on it. What I would like to know is: Is this even possible? Can you put psychic energy into an object and then give it to someone to manipulate them? I know it sounds crazy. And believe me I've stopped wearing the thing but I couldn't bring myself to give it to my friend to let her destroy it. Can he be using some sort of psychic/energy bond to control me in any way? I don't feel like myself, I feel like whatever hold he has on me I need to sever whatever this connection is for my own sake, but I don't know how and frankly I am a bit scared. Can this happen? Is this normal? Anyone have any ideas?

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
8 years ago (2015-05-04)
It is possible to do a witchcraft love spell, to make someone think of you, want you and lust after you, with the help of a demon. But these abnormal relationships don't last after a few sexual encounters with him. If you don't want to be with him, just burn the bracelet, and set up boundaries. You'll also need to pray to God to help you. Good luck.
HerculesEupator (1 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-29)
Ha, I may be that guy though I do not remember giving anyone a bracelet and I am not near Wisconsin, but maybe we can still help each other. My family is the same and I seem to be the most gifted, in every sense.

First, maybe you cannot read him since his gift is stronger than yours at this point, like how "Normals" lack the ability to read you because they do not have your gift. I suggest relying on your logic and not intuition for this guy. In the time you knew him, did you with your own eyes see him act unjustly?

Second, maybe this guy is having these same weird feelings about you and is freaking out. I was particularly disturbed because I was looking forward to living as a carefree bachelor at this point in my life, but the feelings for this girl were ridiculously strong, exactly like you described. Why did you not tell him you had gifts?

Third, are you that gorgeous or special that a guy with mind-control powers would be going solely after you and not the billions of other women out there? Would it not be easier for an evildoer to manipulate someone without your powers and less paranoid? What would he have to gain? Has he slept with you? Do you think that is his goal? If so, wouldn't he have done it by now with his mind-manipulation? Is he successful or desirable in other ways? Or is he some good-for-nothing bum? Do other girls want him? How has he reacted with them? Does he hide his relationship with you?

Fourth, you say he is not your type. What is type? I imagine the type or mold you and your "friends" imagine you with are clean-cut Anglo-Saxon church-going blondes. I have a feeling the girl who I am having these experiences with is blonde and I have black hair but both our hair went from straight to curly. We both have brown eyes but I think we both have the green / blue genes too. Our peoples are one in the same and the name of the countries we come from have the same meaning, but I am not sure she knows of this and it would be weird to tell her. Maybe if you look deeper you will find the same similarities with your man.

Fifth, if the bracelet makes you feel positive, why take it off? Does your friend have gifts? Could it possibly be envy she is feeling? Are there other positive signs that could not have possibly come from this guy's gifts? (E.g., rainbows, finding inexplicable objects, other signs, etc.)? If he can produce such phenomena and was out to get you, then there is nothing much you can do:)

Sixth, thinking obsessively about someone can be bad in certain respects. If you are obsessing about sleeping with him, then that is desire and like an addiction. But if you are thinking about him for who he is and how he makes you feel, then that is love. Ask a mother whether she obsesses over her child. The answer is how could she not?! In fact, the better the mother, the more obsessive her thoughts about her child will be. It is the same throughout the animal kingdom. That is why a mother's love never fades but the "love" between spouses fades once the desire is gone. I could not get this girl out of my mind during a big exam. I just took it as being a test to develop my focus, and it really did increase my focus and brought about positive change.

Finally, if you believe in your own powers, why not his? Do you use your gifts for evil? Do you think people receive gifts like that if they are evildoers? Just because he may be "weirder" than you does not mean you are not just as weird to him and others. If I were he, I would tell him to run from you not stop until he reached Athens, like Pheidippides.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Oh, and if you did anything the first lady said, this was all a colossal waste of time:)
mamanymena (20 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-28)
it's possible for him to be using the bracelet to influence you, although that requires some very complicated and exhausting work on his part. I guess you should ask yourself, "What does he stand to gain from a relationship with me?" If it's simply a loving relationship he's after, then, well, you may be caught up in a love spell Unsure, then a simple meditation and cleansing should help you feel it out on your own.

Meditation-- Relax and imagine yourself floating in space. Move slowly all around your body with a heavy pair of scissors, cutting any and all cords attached to your body. Return and repeat the mantra, "I am free. I am free. I am free."

Bracelet--if you're worried that the bracelet might be the "agent" of a spell or controlling device, then simply fill a large bowl with sea salt and set the bracelet inside for several hours, even overnight. Tell the bracelet out loud (yes, it sounds silly:) "By the power of my immortal spirit, I cleanse this item of any and all negative energies, from all things seen and unseen, from this moment on." After it's sat in the salt long enough, then remove it, rinse it with running water (imagine it as a waterfall or shining light if you like) and you're good to go.

THEN reevaluate the guy and your feelings.

Hope this helps!

AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
11 years ago (2011-11-28)
All of us imprint energy into objects but I've never heard of someone using that to control another person.

The way this reads it sounds more like you're just into this guy. As you said, you get along great. Your non ability to read him just adds mystery. The bracelet mystery, in your own mind, is now adding more mystery so you're working yourself up into a near obsessed state.

You don't state what your intentions are with this person (friend, romantic interest, etc) but if you want to take your relationship to the next level, then have a conversation with him. Take all this guess work out and trying to "read" him and just have an adult conversation with him that you're feeling deeply towards him and want more. Then you won't have to go to a psychic to find out what's going on. If he's interested, he'll follow suit, if not, then it's time to emotionally move on.

Feeling insane when you don't have control like this is understandable and if left uncheck, it can take over so watch out for that.

Good luck.

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