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Psychic Abilities Run On Both Sides Of My Family


I will do my best to keep this short and sweet.

I am a 19 year old female. Psychic abilities run on both sides of my family although neither my mother or father have ever had any personal experiences. Not that they have ever shared anyways.

I am often able to tell someone what's going to happen next or repeat a full statement before the words have had the opportunity to leave my friends mouths. I have never been able to look at somebody and see an aura although I feel as though their eyes speak to me I'm able to tell if anyone is sad, happy, uncomfortable, so on so forth.

I walk under street lights they turn off I flip a light switch they blow up! Dreams as well I dream and they come true not every night but more often than not. I should also add that I remember every detail right down to paint color artwork on the walls etc.

I seem to have a little girl who enjoys my company I have yet to completely see her but I see a little head wearing a dress run past my doorways as well as toys seem to turn off and on in my presence I think it may be her playing with them?

I have taken numerous tests even with a deck of cards where you guess what card the person is holding and seem to be able to get about 35 out of 52 right with my wrong answers being one or two number off. Oh yes one last thing animals, they are drawn to me I'm not sure how or why but they seem to feel calmed by my presence even the meanest and most bitter animals will come to me for attention.

What does this mean for me? Am I clairvoyant that's why I seem to hear most. Please help me find the answers I so desperately search for!

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NickyRue (1 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-18)
Wow, I am the same when I was little I talked and seen people who no one else could. More than once I have heard my name called out and no one would be there.

I am about to turn 30 and seeing shadows or light fly or slowly move around me.

The last year every time I go out side I find wild animals come so close to me I could touch them. Usually they should run from us but not in my case, most remarkable moment with wild animals was a owl flew up and sat next to me in full day light. And whooed at me like trying to tell me something.

What is happening?

Once had a voodo priestist tell me I was special with the light and I scared her. This was from reading my palm at the age of 7. Also had widgi bored tell me to go away something about the light.

Not sure if all this is in my head or something to do with dying as a child and brought back maybe? 😲

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