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Attracting Hummingbirds


Since my uncle passed away, which was nine years ago, I have been experiencing a wide-range of phenomena. One of the things is that humming birds are attracted to me or sway towards me.

The first time I realized this was like an omen. A hummingbird flew into the house where my uncle had passed away. It couldn't get out because it kept hitting itself against a window trying to get out. It eventually died and I had to pick it up with a dust pan and put it outside. Ever since then I have had a couple relative experiences.

I lived in a town-house with my mom. I noticed a lot of hummingbirds near-by. Me and my mom were standing near a window one day when we both had the feeling that a humming bird was going fly into the window trying to get inside. Then it happened. This was the second time this happened, the first time I was by myself and I noticed it.

The other time I was walking outside when I paused to tie my shoe. I looked up and saw a humming about a foot away from me looking at me and hovering. I stood still and then It took off after a few more seconds from the time I noticed it was there.

Some other things I noticed is that I would smell a flower fragrance when I wasn't wearing perfume and my body or hair did not smell of any flower fragrance or anything similar. It was like the smell would come out of the blue.

I did some research on hummingbirds and according to several sights they see in near UV (ultra-violet) and this also means that the UV rays also known as "beyond violet" is a color that has the shortest wavelengths of visible light. These rays have a color spectrum of electromagnetic waves with higher frequencies than those that humans can identify as the color violet.

I was thinking after finding this information that maybe this is a parallel connection to my aura which can be caught at a wavelength, but only to those who are gifted, and species that are able to see these wavelengths naturally.

What do you think? Are these hummingbirds messages to my soul? Do they know I have a gift?

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Ravenula (3 stories) (115 posts)
10 years ago (2012-02-17)
This is yet another animal totem symbol... This one is to be Guided by Spirit, putting your Faith in Spirit, to teach you its ways.

The "near UV" sight of the hummingbird makes fruit colours stand out to them, with just the right amount of sugar (nectar) which could mean that if you have hummingbird medicine you could learn how to pick out the right spiritual medicine or "info" as an intuitive guide or instinct to a healthy and balanced spiritually orientated life. To spiritually survive you will be guided to just the right spiritual information, knowing what you must on just the right times... The hummingbird as "animal spirit guide" will guide you to such spiritual treasures or reveal it to you, just to keep afloat to help you get through this thing called life.

(Link to how hummingbirds see "fruits brighter than other animals":

The Hummingbird is also a symbol of resurrection, a type of spiritual resurrection, a rebirth in the Divine Spirit, they apparently look dead during the cold but when the sun rises their wings start to flutter lively (hummingbird animal totem reference: You said something about your uncle's demise and the hummingbird unable to get out of the house and then dying could mean that it was symbolic of how your uncle felt trapped in this material reality and unable to "breathe or be reborn in Spirit" while in flesh and his only way out was to die to become "one with Spirit"...

But the trick is to be able to be reborn in soul, a feeling of returning Home while still alive, as the Kingdom of God is to be found within... Since the second time you saw the hummingbird it didn't want "out", it wanted to come in instead... As a symbol of how you can feel free while still living in the flesh, by beginning to live a spiritually orientated life and seeking Oneness with God, living each moment seeking the wonder and magic in all, seeing God in everything and living in gratitude of His ever enduring grace manifested in your life.

According to the given hummingbird link its medicine includes seeing the "sweet stuff" and the wonder of life in spite of how much bad there is in the world, to see and have faith in the good stuff still there.
shapeshifter78 (2 stories) (169 posts)
10 years ago (2012-01-23)
I do not know but they might just be your spirit animal trying to help you in hard times. Have you felt a connection to hummingbirds before?

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