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I have not had the guts to put this story together since I've experienced these life premonitions. These premonitions started when I was about three years old and now they have all unfolded.

I do remember being three. I remember it very clearly. I remember trying to pick out the morals of stories that were read to me when I was little. I also remember speaking to a presence that was all-knowing.

I was raised in a mormon family. It was kind of hard for me to even go to the church of latter saints because I am African American and the views they have and had on darker skinned people. I noticed this when I was small and would go to church. The presence, who I know to be Jesus, would tell every time someone looked at me different or scolded me that it was not at all what they thought of my color and that it was just taught to them through the bible to not associate with the color black because it was looked down on. He also told me that this was just an idea and it was not my problem, it was the people who didn't accept my color problem.

When I was three I knew the same presence. One day specifically this presence was really strong and told me something of the future. I was playing by myself in the condo I lived in with my mom. I ran up the stairs while playing with a boy-dressed in a red polo shirt who kind of looked like me but he had lighter skin. This boy was not real and I was just playing with him. I opened up the bathroom door when a voice in my head asked me if I 'knew' I said yes. I then saw a dark figure in the bathtub laying down in blood. This figure told me he was the voice I had heard in my head and that he knew that someone in my family was going to die who was really close to me but it wasn't going to be for a really long time. He also told me that it would end the family religion and just in-time to start noticing things for myself.

I had dreams about guides telling me this same thing. But it became more clear when I was six years old and dreamed of these things. I then figured out my Uncle was going to die, but it wasn't an accident. In the dream I saw my uncle in the back of the house he lived in with his parents, he was bent over holding something in his hand. I saw a shadow figure that looked like a ghost animal wearing a type of cap that monkeys wear, a fez, but the spirit animal only kind of looked like a monkey.

The next dream I had occurred when I was eight. I was at my condo house. I saw someone dead on the left side of the lawn after they had fallen over, there was marks on this person's shoulder, and then it was revealed to me that this person was either two closest uncles.

After all these had happened I kept it tucked in the back of my mind.

Seven years after the first message on october 16th 2003 I was going to school when I had the strong urge to 'go back' and get my uncle. That day was the day he was by himself in my parent's house about three hours away from where I was. I walked a different path to school. Something felt very different. I remember walking home from school and seeing my uncle in boxer shorts on electricity box but it was only his apparition. The night of October 16th 2003 my family received a call, my uncle had died.

I cried immediately after knowing this, I felt guilt a massive amount of it in the back of my head.

After all this had happened and we had went to his funeral I had wondered why all this had happened in visions, dreams, and premonitions since I was three. I've recieved messages from future news such as births, industry news in video games, and messages from the dead.

Why are these messages so clear? When I have these messages they are premature and amazingly clear in detail. Why?

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lifedreamer (6 stories) (8 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-16)
Thank you for your response.

The feeling I get from these messages is very mixed and puts me in a lot of emotional distress. I feel tired a lot but cannot sleep. It is like they are bothering me because they want to tell me something. I can't quite get what they are saying or what they want to tell me even if I ask they don't seem to tell me.

It seems I am only open to receiving messages from another realm of existence. I get smells of strawberries, fresh baked bread, and sometimes I smell a light smell of soda like sprite. I don't know what this means. They aren't bad smells but they make me wonder what is up on the other side.

I feel as a person maybe the guilt is uncontrollable. All I know was that what I had seen is what had happened later on and I didn't have any free will over it.

I just want to understand that whomever I am speaking to knows what I like. I was thinking of sweet smells so I smell those smells with my sixth sense. I also get messages that I'm very loved and respected.
xXxGhostxXx (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-15)
Your messages, visions and communication with other spirits could be telling you things, they could be a guidence or warning, I get a lot of visions of animals but, I never truly know what they mean. I have had some of my loved ones that have passed on and let me know that they are in the light (non-human), having a gift of both sight and hearing isn't a bad thing.

I can understand your pain with being coloured i'm not exactually light skinned either i'm native indian and there are a lot of people who look down on me too, but I can tell you that the great spirit (God) loves all people, no matter their race, we are all human and should be treated as equals.

Please don't feel guilt or humiliation for your uncles death I feel it was not at all your fault, there are things in life that we cannot change ourselves but it can alter our lives in ways which not many can understand. I do feel your uncle is safe and is with you.

I hope this helps ❤

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