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I haven't been able to bring this up anywhere else so I thought this was a good place to tell my story of my visions.

After gaining some insight throughout a couple years after my uncle had passed away I began having visions. A lot has impacted me since then and I had grown spiritually.

One vision that I remember having was too truly real and very artistic. I remember lying down in my bed when I started to have a vision. When I have a vision it is like I WAS awake but I switched over to my subconscious mind without even knowing it. In my vision I saw a beautiful painting of a black panther staring out of what was the over growth of a green lush of jungle. I remember what it looked like to exactness, but, why on earth did I have a vision of a finished master piece?

Time has passed and I haven't had many visions except one other that I can recall being just as amazing.

I was in a womb, I was the size of a premature baby, maybe about the size of a palm or so. It was so vivid that I saw things that were floating in the mother's stomach. I had not known at the time that these actually significant floating things but then later on, a couple of days ago I watched a scientific documentary that showed the inside of a womb and those floaty things exist. The vision was so detailed that I don't know what is going on when I have these. Am I gifted and if so why do I have such unique and almost real visions of things that have not become?

I don't have these visions often. They are rare. But when I do have them they are full of so much detail that it is like I am watching national geographic on high definition but yet I am experiencing it as if I were in the action and playing out my role.

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lifedreamer (6 stories) (8 posts)
10 years ago (2011-10-11)
Thank you for your comment.

Yeah, the funny thing is about the flashback/vision is that it was multidimensional or it looked as though it could have been the infant of a video game character's. Sorry I forgot to mention that. But, it did look like a three dimensional baby from a animated video game for instance Final fantasy 13 has some pretty good graphics and that is what it reminded me of expect it was a different scenario.

I was thinking the same thing about being a painter or artistic. I have talent now but because of the time we have to put into practice to fulfill the drawing/or artwork I am never able to get down what I've seen.

I have heard songs or symphonies before too. The one I heard last time reminded me of a merry-go-round in punk fluffy clouds and I think in the past I had a connection to putting images to sounds and using a lot of artistic trades to mathematical. Thinking and I still do that today.

As I progress in this life I realize maybe these images I've seen in my mind were insight for a new life of creation. I don't know. But when I think about I'd love to be able to create a masterpiece in another life and I would like to do it now but something tells me I have a lot to look forward to when I pass on and that this life teaches me how to fulfill. I don't know, but that is what I think.

When you say you heard someone say "You". I get that a lot too. I had a dream I was in this house and when I looked out of this glass window I saw what looked like Atlantis, beautiful islands, and statues of seals. It was an island paradise. I saw this island with my eyes wide open. I then said "I cannot believe what I'm seeing" and then someone over my shoulder said "I cannot believe what you are seeing either." and then I asked who created this scenario and someone told me "You" and that maybe I could live in it someday.

Dreams like that lift my spirit because as a child I always wanted to create something and have it be real and it is still my dream today.
AnneV (4 stories) (1063 posts) mod
10 years ago (2011-10-11)
You were an infant at some point (and maybe many times) so to have flashbacks isn't all that outlandish. A good hypnotist can regress a person to pre birth stages and they would probably see the same thing.

You may have been a painter before you were born on in a previous life. I have had dozens and dozens of dreams and visions where I am an incredible artist. On "the other side" I can create masterpieces in minutes. I was shown some gorgeous paintings and I asked who had done this and I heard, "You". Some of us are born into this life with that in our being. Either that or you just got a glimpse of someone else's. In meditation, I can also hear complete symphonies in complete detail. We are not just our physical shells. We are multi-dimensional beings that can pick up on many different layers of vibration and dimensions. The key to see more is to spend more time with our brainwaves in finer oscillating states such alpha or if we're very disciplined, theta. This opens up our subconscious mind to our true selves and different planes.


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