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Voices From Loved Ones?


Recently, I've been wanting to contact my Grandmother that passed a few years ago. When I wanted to contact her, I focused on her and said a "Hi, I love you" thing. When I did that, I got a reply in my head. Not only that, but she told me (still in my head) to tell the rest of my family that she loves and misses them. After that, I got a 'vision' if you would of her giving a giant kiss to my dad. Ever since I have had that 'experience', I have been tempted to ask people if they have had any loved ones that passed. For example, I will be at school and I will walk by someone and automatically know who has passed (Example, an aunt) and I am 'tempted' to give them 'messages' from that loved one. Not only do I automatically know, I will sense their loved ones presence. I have sensed some that aren't at rest, negative, and I have sensed good spirits. Example the other day, I knew this kid who's father passed away of a Heart Attack. Whenever I saw him, I sensed his father coming to me to tell him that he is sorry he passed so early. I also felt that the kids fathers soul isn't at rest and I also felt he was depressed/sad. The other day, I felt 4 spirits total in a day to give someone a message. All of them were my friends. One of them was my friends grandmother that passed and I felt negative and that she wasn't at peace. I asked her (I knew she would understand because she is Psychic and practices witchcraft) and she said that she thinks her grandmother isn't at rest either. I told her what was going on and she thinks I am a medium?

The other day, all the times I felt a spirit presence wanting me to tell someone a message, I asked that person if they had that that family member that passed (that I felt in the first place) and all of them were the ones that I felt (meaning I got validation that I did sense their presence) And then once I got validation, I told them what their family member wanted me to tell them.

What is all of this called and why is this all happening?

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iScorpio (guest)
9 years ago (2011-10-14)
Okay, thank you (:
I will try to give the message to them. I was only wrong once or twice and I've realized I have had this ability for about a month now.
PathR (4 stories) (1252 posts)
9 years ago (2011-10-12)
iScorpio there is a poem people put on headstone
Makers: there is live and death and love is the
Bridge that crosses over.
My Aunt after her mothers funeral said she had a
Dream of my uncle and that she was very worried
About him. This Aunt was perplexed and had was so
Happy to see her mother.
During an email my Aunt shared this with me and I told
Her she was right about worring about him due to
X and X.

My Grandfather whom I knew in this life crossed over and my husband saw him and described him completely.
This is a man my husband never met. Just by what my
Husband said I knew my Grandfather T was supporting me
And his Grand daughter.

My own experiences of seeing and sensing the family
Has made me believe see and hearing messages is
A big way of showing love and support to the living.

So if you are hesitant just ask questions from the people and then as you see or sense an opening give
The message. If its a long one write it down and hand over when appropriate. I know its difficult to step
Out and do this for fear of being wrong.
But the ratio for being right, you will find your correct.

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