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You See Them Don't You


My brother died when I was 14 (I'm now 23) a week or so before he died I had a dream about him being in a car accident and his jeep was all dented in and messed up and he was coming towards me and my brothers crying and screaming (he was 20 when he died back in Dec 02) but we were scared to go near him. A week later he died in a car accident. Than a year later my cousin died (he was 21) and we were not really close I would see him every now and then. A week before he died I thought about him nonstop which I thought was a little weird. Come to find out he passed away the next week. I believe in spirits, after life and the whole nine especially after my older brother died. My dad is really in to Psychic and spirits etc my whole family does but more my dad and I'm sure I get it from him. He has tons of book and different cool things about the topic. Any who there were times when I would wake up in the morning and smell chocolate chip cookies and I would think to myself who is baking cookies at 8am and I would go in the kitchen and Nothing everybody was still asleep and the smell would go away. A couple years ago my dad randomly came up to me and was like "you see them don't you" and my brothers are looking at me and my dad like huh lol and I kind of just laughed it off and he was like "you're not ready yet". So fast forward Sept of last year a REALLY REALLY close friend of mine passed he was a cop and had a heart attack unexpectedly he was only 33. My world crashed after that I was depressed and still am coping. I told myself I would see him and speak to him. I prayed meditated anything I could think of to be able to see or feel him near me. After he passed I felt a presence in my room somebody was watching me. I had a dream about him and in my dream I didn't know he passed he was getting ready to leave for a long trip and I was so sad and didn't want him to go. He didn't say goodbye to me in my dreams and I woke up wondering why he didn't say bye. A couple days later I was half asleep half awake and I heard in my head "I didn't say goodbye because I'm going to see you again" all's I could do was smile:) I've been to mediums where my brother and my friend, grandfather and a couple of my spirit guides came through. Every time I go to a medium they are always like whoa a lot of people are trying to come through. That makes me smile too:) And Mediums told me I have a lot of "gifts" what gifts I don't know. Just last night I got really depressed thinking about my friend that passed and how I wished so bad I could be with him. I needed reassurance at this point and I didn't care who reassured me be it my spirit guide, brother, friend etc so I was laying in the dark after crying my eyes out and got up and turned the light on and just sat there lost in my own thoughts... When I see a hand waving to me in the corner of my room it was a very petite hand rubbing my eyes I look again closely and there was a hand it was see through but I could see the hand and outline it was faint but noticeable if that makes any sense lol all of a sudden the wall in the corner of my room started getting wavy like ripples in the air and I stared and could see whatever it was moving doing something with their hands the harder I would stare the more I would see. My ears were ringing the entire time a loud high pitched ring. I than saw whites orbs flying around my room and apparitions walking near me and putting their hands out and I could see movement all around my room. I wasn't scared I was excited like ughh FINALLY!:) I went and grabbed the camera to see if I could catch anything. In the picture was a white orb perfect circle and also really huge orbs with purple and blue color to them. This happened around 11:30 at night I didn't go to bed until about 3:30 I was so amazed and grateful that I could see them I didn't want to go to sleep. Pictures would pop up in front of my eyes as if it was floating in mid air I seen a purse a basket of fruit, a hand with rings on it. I did pray to god and ask him to only let the spirit of the higher good to stay and anything evil to leave. I always see thing out the corner of my eye and the past couple day before this happened I would see a ball of white specs moving so fast in this blob in my living room I would stare at it and it would stay for about 30 seconds than disappear. I would also hear my name being called in my head while I was getting ready to wake up in the morning a male voice. I don't know what ability I have or what I would be classified under... But I pray this ability stays with me and gets stronger as I practice. I feel very protected and blessed:) Would love to hear anybody's take on this. I'm so excited! (sorry if this is all over the place)

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